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  1. Fair enough. Just so many people like Devotion and Teen Dream that I had to ask.
  2. You think their self titled is one of their GOATs? Or do you mean Devotion and Teen Dream?
  3. My opinion of 7 waxes and wanes in their discography but one thing is for certain…Dark Spring is one of the best songs they’ve ever written.
  4. Yeah I didn’t even get the email until 10:17 so I wonder how people like your friend knew about it
  5. Yeah it was sold out before they even sent the Bandcamp email. Either there were like 10 editions or people got advanced notice elsewhere but yeah I wasn’t too heartbroken when I saw it was just a different insert
  6. Absolutely with you on Narrow Head. Love their debut but could not get into their newest record.
  7. They’ve only had one before the new one. It was their 2019 Self titled. Great album. I love what I hear from their new one but haven’t heard it all obviously.
  8. I'll probably come around eventually. It's not that I dislike them. I guess nothing is just really jumping out at me. Could be a product of a lot of people hyping them up.
  9. This is interesting because I’m completely sold on Blushing and I haven’t been completely sold on Mondaze yet. And it’s not from a lack of trying.
  10. I just found out today that they are playing Norman Music Festival with cursetheknife, Blushing, Husbands, and DIIV.
  11. If you order from Quiet Panic’s store, do they send you a download after purchase?
  12. My guess is that they are taking preorders to determine pressing numbers. It doesn’t appear like you can order a ridiculous amount to break the available stock. That’s just my guess though
  13. I went with the Lucia because I love splatter records and they rarely fail to impress.
  14. Grabbed one of these yesterday. Glad they combined most of their early songs onto one EP.
  15. Oh it’s pretty standard for oversees shipping. I just have decided to not buy albums that require oversees shipping to since it pretty much costs the same as buying a record domestically.
  16. If it was $22 shipping for it like the repress of Radiogaze, then I’m not so bummed anymore that I didn’t spend $57 on it
  17. Thanks! I live in Oklahoma and somehow I never had heard of these guys before