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  1. so upset right now, theyre playing right now an hour from my house, couldnt see them cause tickets were sold out (and like 100 some odd dollars for riotfest) so now i need to wait for another ten years for them to tour again. damit on the bright side, i have the record preordered, so i got that going fo me, which is nice.
  2. False alarm apparently, just came to my door today, seems they're sending out close to one package a day maybe.
  3. Still not even a shipping confirmation or a response to the email i sent them. awkward.
  4. dude, ive been looking for II for so long, your only gonna see it on ebay every 4-5 months if your lucky. Basically no one on the boards is selling their copy for the few that have it. good luck, if you find one let me know too!
  5. I would definitely splurge and treat myself to that one, I'm sure that would look/sound/be generally awesome.
  6. Shipped confirmation email sent a few days ago, this is hopefully gonna be awesome. Like you guys said already, really hoping this'll live up to the price tag. I'll post pictures and opinions on what i find as soon as it gets to me.
  7. I got a record by The Sword a few months back, thought it looked pretty cool, the sound, not so much... As well, anyone else get the Norma jean 3" Shark bite record? I thought that was pretty funny/cool also
  8. Darn, I really want that daggers slipmat... anyone ordering the set willing to part with it when they get the set?
  9. Dam, cant afford it at the moment because of work on the car... if anyone were to order 2 of wooden heart, I would totally buy it off them for cost plus shipping later on down the road (like a month away)
  10. Hey justin, any photos on the new slipmat? as terrible as it sounds, I'm a sucker for them and debating the box set just for that and to complete the set haha.
  11. If you haven't started playing it yet, I wouldn't get your hopes up. Its not really that good IMO cause it's way too one dimensional and there's not too much too really do. If I'm remembering right (last time i played was like 4 years ago) it was a rather short game.
  12. Awesome job sec, you are now officially a legend among the boards. Don't be a stranger, stick around with us.
  13. Death From Above 1979 - Black History Month Promo 12"