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  1. Re-mixed and Re-mastered plus three bonus tracks on gold vinyl. https://usa-store.mascotlabelgroup.com/collections/pod/products/pod-when-angels-serpents-dance-gold-vinyl-mlg Can't wait to pick this one up myself as it's one of my favourite albums of theirs, and the 2008 pressing goes for a pretty penny.
  2. Just posted on Instagram 2 hours ago from their Social Media guy:
  3. Pre-order's up now over at http://www.cyber-tracks.com/store/music/pulley-no-change-weather-vinyl/ Looks like there's 3 different vinyl options, all of them autographed:
  4. Beyond stoked for this one. Now if we could finally get a pressing of Together Again For The First Time and Matters too that would be perfect.
  5. My glow in the dark vinyl arrived today ... it's label however did not.
  6. The green & black splatter version can be found here: https://www.flight13.com/details/descendents-hypercaffium-spazzinate-121096 and here: http://www.greenhell.de/katalog/punk/detail_82304.html
  7. I just changed the color of one of the mockups posted earlier using the Hue and Saturation sliders. Replace Color worked a little bit too.
  8. Thought I'd try my hand at this for some records I've always wanted to see pressed: Slick Shoes "Burn Out" Pulley "Together Again For The First Time"
  9. I was randomly checking the ALL store and saw that they've put up: - Problematic - LP (Trans. Red) - Mass Nerder - LP (Trans. Orange) http://kingsroadmerch.com/all/
  10. Yeah, just got mine and the cover and insert look low resolution, as if the CD cover art was just scanned in and enlarged in Photoshop or something. Strangely, the back cover does not look like this. I have also noticed this on my copy of Toadies "Rubbernuck" put out by MOV. Bummer.
  11. I believe all of the butthurt comments are referring to this thread: http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/86588-tooth-nail-sell-catalog-to-capitol-christian-music-group/
  12. Yea, or maybe from whomever owns it currently.