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  1. I reblogged this post: http://patthickey.com/post/112748191645This is such a tight giveaway
  2. I am just trying to get back what I paid for it, but obviously if I could make a few bucks that would be cool also.
  3. I purchased this without having listened to their new record. And, I was not too impressed. So, I am looking to sell it off. It is new/still packaged up. Grey/Blue Tint w/ White Ink/52. As far as I know these sold out within an hour, so a lot of you missed out. PM me if you're looking to purchase it!
  4. Good for you I guess? I'm just trying to get it gone because I need the money. And seemingly it goes for around $50, $30 is not a high price in any way considering the demand.
  5. I am willing to sell MOST of my vinyl currently. Some I hold closer than others, but if you want anything feel free to message me and we can attempt to work something out. THE STORY SO FAR - USAD TAPE NOT FOR SALE https://deadformat.net/collection/DavidMatthew