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  1. Solid state needs to get their shit together and repress Define the Great Line.
  2. Was on my way up to NYC for the weekend and I stopped by Vintage Vinyl in Fords, NJ. Picked up a copy of Tool's 10,000 days on blue, some Against Me! 45s and my girlfriend got me the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack for my birthday
  3. I got that too, such an awesome shirt "Fuck it! We'll do it live!"
  4. I can admit I did that once when I seen BTBAM, Animals as Leaders, and Tesseract in Orlando a few years ago. After the show my friend and I were walking to get Pizza and we ran into Tommy and Paul walking down the street, it felt really weird.
  5. In regards to pick pocketing, I always put my wallet and valuables in my front pocket whenever I'm in a big crowd or in a city.
  6. Bingo One of the guys I was talking to in line was gloating about starting it and how he's a mod of it and blah, blah, blah.
  7. When I went and seen Coheed in Philly there were a lot of people wearing Coheed stuff and apparently some were part of a Facebook group because they just kept screaming about it. I just went there wearing an At The Drive-In shirt, I got a Coheed hoodie near the end of the show and I only wore it outside because it started to rain, then some homeless dudes tried to sell me concert shirts.
  8. Stopped into the store today picked up Iron and Wine - Shepherd's Dog, Death Cab - Transatlanticism, and Murder City Devils - In Name and Blood. Since I'm not coming back here for work again (Came here to replace ATC Monitors in the Seattle TRACON) I decided to get a shirt and a slipmat because why not? Now for the fun part where I travel from Seattle, to Denver, to Philadelphia!
  9. This is pretty cool, Next Tuesday I'm flying out to Seattle for three weeks of work so I'll try to hit this place up.
  10. Haven't really bought a lot lately so this has been my past few months of purchases.
  11. I called my mom and had her check my packages and I got one from No Sleep Records, more then likely it's the record so that's pretty cool. Also got Against Me! - New Wave and the new United Nations box set. Can't wait to go home.
  12. Still haven't received an email back saying if I was going to get a replacement or not. I'm out of town for the next two weeks so hopefully I hear something by the time I get home.
  13. On Wednesday I did the contact thing, got a reply a few minutes later and I was asked for my order number, gave my number and haven't heard since. I'm leaving on Monday to fly out of town for two weeks so I hope I hear soon.