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  1. no one is interested in any of this? hmmmm Most are still here waiting for you to buy. Lemme know Ryan
  2. I'm not asking too much for some of these here. If you are interested please feel free to make a offer. Most people seem to only be interested in the things they can't really pay for. Lets be realistic here and make offers that might actually get a response. Please do not send offers that are below what an item would go for new from the label. Most of these records are in new unplayed shape. If we all know something goes for $50 on EBay the offer from you should not be $10.00. That makes no sense since we all know you wouldn't sell it for that price either. A lot of these records are well out
  3. these have just been added.(06/04/09) 10" **Charles Bronson-Youth Attack(Coalition Records) **What Happens Next?-Hollow Victory(Not A Problem Records) 12" **The A-Team - A Is For Asshole(Mint Green Vinyl, Stab & Kill Records) **Baroness-Second(Clear vinyl, Etched B-Side,Hyperrealist Records) **Converge/ Agoraphobic Nosebleed-Split(Clear Vinyl, Relapse Records) **Merauder-MasterKiller(Pink / Black Inside Out Vinyl, Reaper Records) 7" **Abigail / Sigh-Split(Gatefold, Battlesk'rs Records) **Charles Bronson / Unanswered-Split(Envelop Cover,Track Star Records) **Confront-Payday(Whit
  4. update once again 7"s 16-Tocohara(Bacteria Sour Records) **Apartment 213/ Thug-Split(Pink/White Barble Vinyl,Bovine Records) **Apocalypse/Mindrot-Split(Purple/Pink Marble Vinyl,Tempest Records) **Benumb/Dukes Of Hazzard-Split(Slap A Ham Records) **Betrayed-Addiction(B9 Records) **Cold World-Boom Bye Bye(Half Black/White W/Burst,Deathwish Records) **Cold World/War Hungry-Split(Mint Green/Black Inside Out Vinyl,Six Feet Under Records) **Death Threat/Over My Dead Body-Split(Gold Vinyl,B9 Records) **Discocks/Tom And Boot Boys-Hated And Pround -Split(KnockOut Records) **Duane Peters Gunf
  5. I would say at least $150.00..might sound crazy but this is the second one I have had and I sold the other one years ago...for a much larger amount.
  6. So, if you are interested in any of this please PM me a offer. I need the money fast so I wanted to see if I can get offers here instead of using ebay. Let me know. 10" Trial-s/t(JAWK/From The Ground Records) **Carry On-The Line Is Drawn 7" Test Pressing(YoungBlood) **Godstomper-Saturday Morning Powerviolence 7" Test Pressing(Slap A Ham Records) **V/A-SK8 OR DIE comp 7" Test Pressing(PigPen Records, #5/6, Griptape cover,w/Lifes Halt, What Happens Next?, No Reply, Dirty Dirt And The Dirts, Fistfull-said to be a favorite for the Lifes Halt track alone. Long out of print and RARE) **Social
  7. "It sounds like you have let the accessibility of the world get you down" Yes.
  8. this is coming from someone who deals with records all day, every day. I work for a well known record store and have worked for other record stores for about 10 or so years now. I have seen trends come and go in music...Money wise, yes, I am really bummed. Repressing shit and making it the same as the original is just crap(ex:the Refused-shape of punk). Value of original version drops big time. Not that I have either old press or new but I think that is shitty to do. Nothing at all different from the original pressing.
  9. I'm sure this has been brought up many times but this is getting out of hand. Repressing everything like they are has made me lose a lot of interest in record collecting these days. I have been selling off a lot of my collection over time(mostly this past year) due to this issue and really needing money(economy taking a dump). I Have been collecting records for over 15 years now. In all my years of collecting it has come to the point were I am not having fun with it anymore. Everything is so easy to get and the "HUNT" has been taken away from us. The internet(EBAY) has made it so easy for you
  10. it has been in a tube for a million years and I forgot it was here. So I figured I would offer it up to someone who wants it. size hmmm i would guess 16" I------------------------------------------ I I I I 25" Like how I did that for ya, haahaa
  12. Still, thats not bad. This print has not been avail for some time. Nice
  13. ok its more than a few but it's not too much agnostic front-united blood(og) lifes halt-we sold our soul(test press) little princess-song collection(punch the cheese records) knife fight 1st 7"(test press) Thanks/Word Ryan

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