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  1. They also put up some extra copies of the /200 variant. 22 left. https://fouryearstrong.merchnow.com/products/v2/307486/brain-pain-bone-and-easter-yellow-w-splatter
  2. Tour cover up on their website. About 70 left in stock. http://www.turnovermusic.net/products/633213-good-nature-vinyl-tour-press
  3. Gold Cover Australian repackage limited to 100 // Cotton Candy Sky variant limited to 200. https://24hundred.net/collections/trophy-eyes
  4. Release Date: Aug 3 2018 via Hopeless Records PRESSING INFO Exclusive 1 (Initial Pressing: 700 units): White with Black, Red and Yellow splatter Exclusive 2 (Initial Pressing: 300 units): Red, Yellow and White Tri-Color AUS Exclusive (Initial Pressing: 500 units) White inside Red with Black Splatter Retail (Initial Pressing: 1,500 units): Solid White US Store http://trophyeyes.merchnow.com/ AUS Store https://24hundred.net/collections/trophy-eyes Tracklist: 1. Autumn 2. Something Bigger Than This 3. Friday Forever 4. More Like You 5. A Cotton Candy Sky 6. You Can Count On Me 7. Broken 8. Tip Toe 9. Lavender Bay 10. Miming In The Choir 11. A Symphony Of Crickets 12. I Can Feel It Calling
  5. http://collider.com/mondo-alien-day-tyler-stout-vinyl/#alien-t-shirt-tyler-stout
  6. It looks like Regina Spektor's "Soviet Kitsch" is FINALLY getting repressed! Pre-order is up now on bull moose http://www.bullmoose.com/p/919352/regina-spektor-soviet-kitsch
  7. "Please note that you cannot apply the free shipping promotion to past orders. You cannot cancel & re-purchase a record to receive the promotion."
  8. New Phantasm variant /199 http://phactory.co/products/phantasm-blood-stained-vinyl?variant=11147185411
  9. Phew! Stout acquired. First time being successful at getting one of his prints.