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  1. Autumn: https://old.reddit.com/r/SmashingPumpkins/comments/xibc6d/autumn_2022/?ref=share&ref_source=link Butterfly Suite: https://old.reddit.com/r/SmashingPumpkins/comments/xibg95/butterfly_suite_2022/?ref=share&ref_source=link SP and Zuzu's pushing hard about a "big" announcement coming shortly.
  2. I have an OP, but snagged for the extra tracks.
  3. I love it and I have impeccable taste in music! If you like more classic style country with a lot of slide guitar you may like this. Nashville Winter, Carry my Body Down and All Alone are solid. The Tiger Army covers are good.
  4. Where, when? Still hoping for an opportunity to pick up Viper room and don’t want to miss a drop.
  5. I wonder what the mastering/pressing quality is like on Dookie. The Matrix/Runouts above match my copy. I have this copy and it's pretty lifeless: https://www.discogs.com/release/1770697-Green-Day-Dookie
  6. Someone posted a black copy of Live at Kawasaki on Instagram, which Madame Zuzu's reposted, so they exist... hopefully the Viper Room is out there too and won't require a trip to Chicago to pick it up.
  7. If anyone who is attending would be willing to purchase a black Viper Room for me, and ship it to RI, that would be amazing! Please PM me. Of course, I would throw in some extra cash for your troubles.
  8. Nice! I'm looking at upgrading my turntable and am currently looking at both the Marantz TT15-S1 and the Technics 1500C. Can I ask what prompted you to make the switch, which of the two you prefer and why? Thank!
  9. I had my 2012 replaced with a non-IGD version. Zero actually sounds good. I’d have to go back into the archives to find out when it was replaced.
  10. Did anyone catch the number of 2xLP Gold that are being pressed (before they took it off the site). The cream is 15000 according to Bullmoose.
  11. Has anyone made a rip of the Viper Room release? Would love to hear that version from the sound desk, without all the crowd noise.
  12. I passed. Huge fan, but I can’t justify $100 for a 2xLP I won’t listen to very often. Got tracking on my signed Japan this morning too.
  13. I figured as much. I'm still up for buying some's gold or silver if they don't love it! I'm patiently waiting for my signed Kawasaki to arrive...