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  1. Thanks. Grabbed this. I had been looking at buying one of the earlier pressings, but the reviews of the sounds quality weren’t great. The reviews of the new RSD press are good, so hopefully this is the same (since I missed the RSD one).
  2. Looks like these might be moving again, had an email overnight advising a shipping label has been created.
  3. I ended up switching Nada Surf for The Strokes after I subbed using the code. Then I cancelled the sub. So we'll see if I get nothing, Nada Surf, The Strokes or The Strokes and a $29 charge...
  4. I see these anniversary pressings are being marketed as "Newly mastered for vinyl". For those of you that got the recent Sometimes anniversary LP, have you compared it to older pressings? Is there any noticeable differece in the mastering?
  5. Keen to know this too. Also, I wonder if once subscribed using the free code, if you go and change the record, if they will back charge you? I was looking at switching the Nada Surf record for the Strokes Room On Fire
  6. Have been listening to the remixes this morning, and I have not found one I like yet. This is an easy pass for me.
  7. It was part of the price. Personally, I am a fan of signed albums; I dont mind where it's signed, so long as it's not on the record grooves (which I've seen!). I think it's a nice connection to the artist - especially if it's signed in person. Here's the pic from IG I was too lazy post yesterday...
  8. 6 months is plenty of time to organise James to sign these, that would be a nice surprise. I see people on the product page are asking. I see zero chance of Darcy having anything to do with this.
  9. Two different takes on the song. But I'm going to say I like the Black Keys version more (and I'm a big Doors fan). The BK's version is more authentic to the Mississippi hill country style. The Doors cover is definitely the Doors take on a classic.
  10. Went with the Revolver pressing. 74 left now.
  11. Looks like the new album is out tomorrow. No details on phsycial media. https://www.instagram.com/p/CMxGL-UgcdO/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

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