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  1. @justindinealone is there any way I can order and combine shipping for the Complicit 7" and the Familiar Drugs 7" now, or do I have to wait till after July 12? (Right now I am being charged two lots of shipping)
  2. If you have a copy sitting on the shelf you'd be happy to sell, hit me up. Not fussed about which pressing. Cheers
  3. What other online stores are likely to carry the indie version? Bullmoose won’t let you order from outside the US.
  4. Orders are open again on https://www.johnfrusciante.com/ (Record Collection)
  5. I did. Unfortunately they cancelled my order, stating they are not taking backorders
  6. @Charles Barkley I got an email from Barnes and Noble yesterday saying that it had been delayed and should ship within 1-5 business days... so fingers crossed. FYE is sold out now. I put an order in through deep discount, hopefully one of the two will come through.
  7. Any updates here? Shipping dates keep getting pushed back. I see this is now sold out most places, including John's website. I ordered via B&N and just had a weird credit on my credit card, the same day the money came out. The order still says processing, so hopefully everything goes through. I will be bummed if I miss out on it! Did anyone else who ordered through B&N have anything weird go on with their card charge?
  8. AFI - Sing the Sorrow. I remember looking at it in the Adeline online store at $25 for about 6 months and dragging my heels, then it was gone... I ended up buying a copy last year for $120 and was refunded $90 because the jacket was damaged in transit and the records have a slight warp - although I ended up getting it for a good price, I would rather have a NM condition copy that I purchased new.
  9. Got my shipping notification for the pink (purple) pressing. Here are some shots of the finished product, care of an eBay seller. I think the purple looks pretty cool.
  10. I'm assuming that the B&N version is the same as the one available via www.johnfrusciante.com?
  11. I think you'll be very happy! I am really pleased with the 3050's, nice bottom end, crisp and clear mids and highs. I tested the 3050i's as well, but they were a bit out of my budget (65% more expensive); to my ears the bass sounded a better on the 3050i's - mids and highs about the same. The only place I have found my 3050's to be a little lacking is on some jazz recordings around the double bass - but that may be more to do with the recording/mastering/pressing quality than the speakers because hip hop, rock and metal all sounds good with plenty of punchy bass. Make sure you give them a bit of distance from the wall to breathe. Enjoy!
  12. They can’t even get Matt Talbott’s name right on their website. Also, slightly disengenuous pressing info. SRC didn’t do the original pressings. It is just SRC’s first pressing, which apparently the band weren’t too happy about.
  13. Thanks for your advice. Yes, we're not so spoiled for choice here in New Zealand on the second hand market.
  14. Insurance is paying out on my amplifier that was water damaged a month or so ago (a Rotel RA-935BX). If you had the choice, would you go for (and why): - Rotel A10 Integrated Amp (https://www.rotel.com.au/products/rotel-a10-integrated-amplifier) OR - Marantz PM5005 (https://www.us.marantz.com/us/products/pages/ProductDetails.aspx?CatId=hificomponents&ProductId=PM5005) Would be paired with Q Acoustic 3050 floor standers. Also, both amps come with a built in phono stage, would these likely be better than my Pro-Ject Phono Box I am using in my current set up? Cheers Andrew