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  1. I saw TheFutureEmbrace tour at the Avalon in Boston, in 2005. Listening to these songs took me right back there.
  2. That has a Future Embrace vibe to it
  3. I can't find it off hand now either sorry. It is essentially how it was recorded, all instruments together, low budget and how impressive it is that it sounds so tight and solid. I orignally found the story about it on Reddit, but that was years back. This book and archival 7" look intersting: https://hozacrecords.com/product/idfi7/
  4. I'm listening to it on youtube now, official deftones channel:
  5. Backing this, the site url is https://www.deftones.com/0925 - further suggesting Sept. 25 may be the release date.
  6. Haven't purchased anything so quickly. The original 7" records have been on my discogs want list for years. Got one of each. The back story to the recording of this EP is cool, google it.
  7. New single, new video, pre-order date, release date? plus one other?
  8. https://www.smashingpumpkins.com Are we going to start making guesses on what is happening when each of these countdowns get to zero? There are are a few people on reddit who “guarantee” one of them is the Machina release.
  9. Is album artwork is going to be the same for all variants...
  10. I have an OP 2xLP and can confirm, it sounds great.