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  1. It looks like the next archival release is going to be the Pulse basement session. I was hoping for a SD or MCIS show soundboard feed. I'll pick this up, I like new wave Pumpkins sound.
  2. My copy of Last Night in Town arrived yesterday (I ordered it as soon as pre-orders went up). It arrived in a single Amazon style mailer, FYI.
  3. I emailed Take This To Heart about an estimate shipping date on my Last Night in Townorder and they replied on Monday saying "These are currently shipping. Should be out in 7-10 days. There is about 11k+ orders for us these next two weeks." So I figure it's just a small team, trying to churn through a ton of orders to get them out the door.
  4. I ordered 500 and 1000 showed up! Two hefty boxes...
  5. Sounds like there's a back story to this one and it may not be (or originally planned) as part of the archival series; that it's been around for a few years and is now just being made available. https://old.reddit.com/r/SmashingPumpkins/comments/18g1mxc/finally_a_more_reasonable_price_point/ Here's the show: https://archive.org/details/tsp2014-12-05.radio/01OneAndAll.ogg
  6. My Bullmoose order arrived yestersday. I A/B'd it last night with my original pressing and it sounds very similar to my ears. I'd say the original is cut a little louder, and the instrument separation and clarity is a little better with the new pressing, but as I said, only very marginally.
  7. It's up and Amazon (3rd Party Sellers only at this stage) and Deep Discount also, so I'd guess it's a repress.
  8. I just cancelled my order for the white splatter. So if you wanted that one and missed it, it may restock online this morning. I stuck with my trans black order. I have an OP, and one of the /100 from the last release. I just want one of the new mix/masters and don't need anything fancy or limited.
  9. I came to my senses and cancelled my order through the AFI store. To Sandbags's credit, they were pretty responsive with the cancellation.
  10. - 500 Clear Red: thebronxxx.com - 500 Clear/Red: 1234gorecords.shop - 500 Clear Splatter: Brooklyn Vegan/Revolver! - 1500 Clear: shop.atorecords.com "Bronx IV is turning 10! To celebrate we pressed up 3000 copies of primetime deluxe anniversary wax! Digitally re-mastered with inverted artwork and two bonus tracks! This was the last record we recorded at our infamous “Big Game Lodge” studio in the valley!"
  11. Live at the Viper Room and Live in Japan are back up at Madame Zuzu's for anyone still looking for a copy.
  12. I ordered the red/yellow in the end. With the jacket being black and white, the red/yellow records were a nice nod to the orginal pressing.
  13. Autumn: https://old.reddit.com/r/SmashingPumpkins/comments/xibc6d/autumn_2022/?ref=share&ref_source=link Butterfly Suite: https://old.reddit.com/r/SmashingPumpkins/comments/xibg95/butterfly_suite_2022/?ref=share&ref_source=link SP and Zuzu's pushing hard about a "big" announcement coming shortly.
  14. I have an OP, but snagged for the extra tracks.
  15. I love it and I have impeccable taste in music! If you like more classic style country with a lot of slide guitar you may like this. Nashville Winter, Carry my Body Down and All Alone are solid. The Tiger Army covers are good.
  16. Where, when? Still hoping for an opportunity to pick up Viper room and don’t want to miss a drop.
  17. I wonder what the mastering/pressing quality is like on Dookie. The Matrix/Runouts above match my copy. I have this copy and it's pretty lifeless: https://www.discogs.com/release/1770697-Green-Day-Dookie
  18. Someone posted a black copy of Live at Kawasaki on Instagram, which Madame Zuzu's reposted, so they exist... hopefully the Viper Room is out there too and won't require a trip to Chicago to pick it up.

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