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  1. Bought one, hopefully next time you guys come through Pittsburgh, you guys don't get sick and make it out there!
  2. This is awesome! I picked it up in a heart beat, I've been slacking on getting this. Both albums are solid. During the Cross My Heart reunion show in Baltimore, I talked to CMH and they told me that were in talks with brandtson being the "special guest" but that never happened.
  3. Most of these I've never played or played just once. All of these are in great conditions and are mint or near mint. Send me a message if you're interested in any of them. For Sale: Caspian - You are the conductor - 3rd press - /100 Clear w/ Translucent Green & Opaque Mint Green Splatter - 25 If These Trees Could Talk - Above The Earth, Below The Sky - 2nd press - / 250 Opaque Aqua Blue - 25 Herra Terra - Quiet Geist - Grape Soda with pink splatter /100 NM - 5 Actors & Actresses ‎– ARC: Arrows Remix Compilation - Black /?? - 5 3 dollar shipping un
  4. I got this in my email today, I don't really have a concern for the wait but it's nice to see labels do stuff like this. "Greetings You are receiving this mail as you preordered the SUNLESS vinyl from To Destroy A City's Bandcamp, n5MD Bandcamp page, or n5Mailorder. Upon them not arriving at n5HQ this week I inquired with the plant about their possible arrival and was extremely shocked (and disappointed) to find out there was a delay in the manufacture of the LPs. So much so that they are saying that the LPs will not hit our shore until early-mid January. I have inquired about the album b
  5. I've been following their new songs, I'm pretty excited for it overall, I honest loved their last album so this is exciting to actually see new music from them. I hope they will tour as well to my area. Also the splatter even though it's not the most limited looks amazing, I just couldn't pass it up when I preordered it.
  6. I ended up finally getting that swamp splatter too, Though, if you or anyone needs the most recent blue version i'd be willing to give that up since now I just bought the splatter version.
  7. I know there's a good bit of VC users who are into post-rock, so I feel that this is a good fit here. I already pre-ordered it and it came out to 25 bucks with shipping so it's reasonably priced with a good shipping rate. "Sophomore albums can be a tough proposition, often created in a much shorter time span than the years of refinement most debut albums receive. Chicago based trio To Destroy A City dropped such a perfected debut in 2011 that fans have collectively held their breath for the follow-up. However, unlike some artists who rush into the studio to complete their sophomore rel
  8. I would love to get the bundle, that shirt looks amazing. I can't swallow 15 dollars shipping for a lp & a shirt though. Is that a normal shipping cost? Or, what would be the real cost to ship a shirt & vinyl.
  9. I got my order In today. They came in a huge box with a smaller box. They all came here safely and the records are in mint condition. So hopefully that will help ease anyone's mind about shipping
  10. It was one of the best concerts I've ever been to, really excited to hear this news. Hymm was a bit rough in the beginning, but it does have a tough beginning.
  11. Here's this from another thread I was reading about a sale at ccmusic.com http://www.ccmusic.com/music/vinyl/2781383/mogwai-come-on-die-young and use the code OCT1425 you can get it around 68 bucks, which is the cheapest i've seen it in the Usa so far. If I had the money to afford it I'd pick it up, but thought I'd share the information.

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