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    SL1210 with modified "The Wand" tonearm
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    Monitor Audio Silver 8
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    Class D Audio SDS470C 4 channel
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    Quad 99 preamp
    Perreaux SXV2 phono preamp
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    Denon 301mk2 MC
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    I have a 1200, no speed control necessary.

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  1. You have to ask yourself a few questions. Firstly do you want to go second hand or not? You will get a lot more mileage in the second hand market but I really doubt you will get much better than what you already have for a $500 new speaker budget. You would need to double that budget IMO to make it worthwhile and to really hear a big improvement, and even then, it will depend on what speakers you get as many are not good bang for buck. Second thing to ask yourself is what kind of a speaker do you want? You have bookshelves currently, do you want bookshelves again or are you looking for floor standers? My honest answer is to wait and save up a bit more, say at least another $300 to $500 to get yourself into the sub $1000 area and then look second hand for better value (although brand new at this price has some great speakers). Also go listen to some speakers and see which house sound you like best. You will probably be shopping in the B&W, Kef, Q Acoustics, Klipsch, Monitor Audio, Dynaudio range at that mark and they all sound different to one another. Best to know which house sound is most preferable for you and then look second hand within that brand (although this doesn't always work as there can be some variation within a brands sound).
  2. This is exciting! Hopefully these Melvins reissues continue, eagerly awaiting (A) senile animal!
  3. I think a turntable upgrade would suit you well, though not sure the 2M silver would be much of an upgrade and I am also not sure the specs on the Classic are that much of a step up for the money you are looking at spending. I would imagine selling the Debut and looking used you may be able to step up into a whole new level of turntable quality and you may get a second hand cartridge of better quality than the silver thrown in. I would say look for a good quality japanese direct drive (Technics 1200, Denon DP, Kenwood KP families etc) or a high quality belt drive - Linn, Michell etc. These will all provide a big step up in terms of specs (wow, flutter, noise, distortion etc) over the project (although 2nd hand is always a gamble) and it will provide a noticeable difference especially if late on you upgrade your cartridge, as you will get more out of it with a great turntable. You may even have some money left over to upgrade your stylus straight away, though if you want to stay with the 2M family I recommend saving for the bronze, that will be a much larger improvement.
  4. Everyone's a voyeur, their watching me watch them watch me right now...


    Collection: http://www.discogs.com/user/mikeburnsnz/collection

  5. Perreaux SXV2 phono preamp (second hand). Has alot more settings than the phono stage in my Quad 99 preamp, which suits my Denon 301mk2 LOMC better (currently loading set to 1000 ohms with minimal capacitance). The SXV2 brings a bunch more dynamic slam and is both quieter and more detailed than the Quad. It is also much more capable with complex passages of music and seems to bring the most out of the Denon. I do not think I'll be looking for a phono stage upgrade any time soon, but it has left me wondering what I might get from a cartridge upgrade! Also does anyone know why the signature details are not updating? Mine shows gear I had a while ago and does not show any new changes? Weird.
  6. Hey there. It could be a number of things... only a few of which will be an issue with sound reproduction. Firstly it could be that the compliance of the AT is higher than the Ortofon which results in the cartridge appearing to move more due to vibration and groove information. A quick search brought up 18 (at 10 Hz) for the AT and 20 for the ortofon so it looks like they are pretty similar. That will need checking as I only did a superficial search. Secondly, but related to the compliance, you may be seeing excess movement of the tonearm as a result of a mismatch between the compliance of the cartridge and the mass of the tonearm and cartridge. When they mismatch you can get a tonearm resonance that results in the tonearm moving drastically. You can calculate this with the mass of your tonearm and the compliance info on the cartridge and plug it into the calculator at vinyl engine (just search cartridge resonance evaluator). Yu are after a calculated number in the green range to avoid this resonance issue. Your calculations show you are out of the green zone (I was not super careful in these calculations so you should check) which could lead to a visible and audible resonance. Thirdly it could just be the specific record being badly cut. This happens quite a bit and seems more obvious with a compliant cart. Fourthly it could be some extraneous movement of the rack, footfall or motor hum/vibration. There are some other less likely options but I would do the calculations above and check it is not that first.
  7. I am not sure that you will be able to get into an improved phono stage for less than $500USD. The marantz comes from the era where vinyl was king and is likely equipped with an excellent, low noise and accurate phono stage. A preamp itself could be a phono pre or a full preamp with line levels as well as phono inputs, along with potentially eq etc. Not sure exactly what you mean here but as mentioned, if in good condition, the marantz pre stage should be adequate. The next move forward might be to an integrated with some more power (larger power supply to cope with transients in the music at louder levels, where clippingmay occur). The other option is if the marantz has a pre out you could use the preamp stage of the marantz and send that to a power amp which will give you the marantz warmth but will provide the power you need for those big moments. Later on down the road you may want to upgrade your preamp which will give you improved sound, detail etc. That can then plug into your power amp. That gives you a fairly straightforward upgrade path that may take a few years to achieve, but allows you good sound all the way through.
  8. There is probably alot of reasons why the marantz sounds alot better, some of which may be a nice colouration but I doubt it. It is more than likely the fact that it was built for decent stereo music in the first place. Second of all it likely has higher quality components throughout that were used with good sound reproduction in mind. Thirdly it likely has a much better quality phono stage with lower noise and better riaa equalisation than the sony. Lastly likely comes with a significantly improved power supply to the sony that deals with transients better and with less distortion. As far as the colouration goes, 70s gear did often have a warmth about it that modern low end solid state does not. This may reduce the detail but provides a much more pleasing presentation and one that is far easier and musical on the ear. Getting it serviced and recapped will only improve the detail. Congratulations on a significant upgrade. Now upgrade the turntable and speakers and you will not know yourself.
  9. Sooooo excited for Heroes and Hot Shots. Already have 2/3 eps (never cared for the last one) and an original of the self titled. This has really made my day!
  10. I feel like they missed the boat on this one. Why not just release the full live soundtrack to the movie? It had some killer renditions of the majority of his tour material. A nice current live record is what is missing in his catalogue and tied into the film this would have been perfect. Ah well. Pass for me as well.
  11. Can't wait for this! I have only gotten into Idles in the last few months and Brutalism just arrived in my post box this week! Great time for a new album.
  12. Got Pod and Last Splash... have only listened to LS so far. It is a little noisy but not too bad, hoping it cleans up with a spin clean. Very listenable for sure.
  13. Anyone heard these reissues yet? Think I will pick up Last Splash this weekend, would like to know the pressing quality though before splashing out...
  14. What technics do you currently have? If it is a decent direct drive from the 80s chances are high you wont be able to beat it for that kind of money currently. If its a more entry level one then you have a few options. I would still recommend looking for a good used/vintage japanese direct drive like a Technics, Denon etc.
  15. Nagaoka MP-200 (or if you can stretch then the next one up in the line). Or Denon 301mk2 (if you can cope with MC). The Denon will sound a little more detailed and airy than the Nag IMO but the Nag will bring the boogie and feel of analogue. Both are really excellent value.