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  1. Selling a few things, all of these records are in mint condition as most of them are duplicate copies that have only been played once or twice!! I'll definitely do discounts if anyone wants to buy multiple records. I'm based in the UK, but I'll ship internationally!! The Story So Far - What You Don't See (2nd Press, clear with red splatter /2000) Landscapes - Life Gone Wrong (1st Press, black with brown swirl /200) The Hotelier - Home, Like Noplace Is There (1st Press, pink and white /125) The Wonder Years - Sleeping On Trash (1st Press, dark maroon /1000) The Front Bottoms - Talon Of The Hawk (1st Press, clear green /1000) SOLD Joyce Manor - Joyce Manor (2nd Press Reissue, white with etching /1000) Joyce Manor - Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired 10" (1st Press, pink with splatter /200) Marietta - Summer Death (1st Press, black /125) Old Gray - An Autobiography (1st Press, blue /100 with pre-order cover /25) SOLD Old Gray - An Autobiography (1st Press, white /200 gold and blue splatter with pre-order cover /25) SOLD Old Gray - An Autobiography (2nd Press, gold /150 with pre-order cover /25) SOLD Old Gray - An Autobiography (2nd Press, silver /150 with pre-order cover /25) SOLD Pup - Pup (1st Press, black and white splatter /???) SOLD I also run Rubaiyat Records, so if anyone wants anything from there I'll combine the order!! http://rubaiyatrecords.bigcartel.com/
  2. if you message me with roughly where you live (i assume you live in the US) i can weigh the record and then give you an exact quote
  3. Got some things for sale (I live in the UK, but i will ship to the US/Mainland Europe) 7" Adobe Homes / Innards split (1st Press, Orange /300) Agent - Awake In Their World (1st Press, Black /500) Beau Navire / Suffix Split(1st Press, Black /500) End Of A Year / Self Defense Family - I'm Going Through Some Shit (2nd Press, Black /1000?) From This Day On - Wounds (1st Press, Black /400) Ghost Trap - Ghost Trap (1st Press, Black /250) Hardships - Too Fast To Slow Down (1st Press, Red /200) Into It Over It / The Great Albatross Split (1st Press /300?) Nai Harvest / Bonjour / Invalids / Reno Dakota - Four Way Split (1st Press, Black /100) Rations - Martyrs and Prisoners (1st Press, White /1000) Rolo Tomassi - Party Wounds (1st Press, Blue /???) Rolo Tomassi / Antares Split (1st Press, Clear /250) Ruined Families - Ruined Families (2nd Press, White /300) Rumspringer / Sister Kisser Split (1st Press, Black /300) The Jazz June - Breakdance Suburbia (1st Press, Black /2000) The Winter Passing - Scrapbook (1st Press, Black /25) (Something New Records Variant) Truro - Proud To Disagree (2nd Press, Black, 65/100) Weight Of The World - No Promised Land (1st Press, Violet /??? w/ Yellow cover art /25) Wrong Idea - What's Left Inside (1st Press, Clear /???) ИO///sé - Beach Bathroom Bingo (1st Press, Black /400) 10" Always Wanted War - C.R.E.A.M (1st Press, Black with Magenta Splatter /???) Cavalcades / Coma Regalia / Heart On My Sleeve Split (1st Press, Black /250) Continents - ...And Silence Anchored Our Feet In Granite (1st Press, Clear /300) 12" Abolitionist - The Growing Disconnect (1st Press, Black /200) Adorno - Year Two (1st Press, Black /100) Anne - Dream Punx (2nd Press, Pink /???) Aslov Kinski - Feik (1st Press, Transparent Green /120) Øjne - Undici / Dodici (1st Press, Black /250) Bâton Rouge - Fragments D'Eux Mêmes (1st Press, Red /500) Slightly Warped Bonehouse - The Long Summer (1st Press, Black /350) Brighter Arrows - Dreamliner (1st Press, Clear Kelly Green /150) Chestnut Road - Chestnut Road (1st Press, Clear 31/90) Chino Horde - Everything 2xLP (1st Press, Black /400) Crowns and Thieves - Half Dream Hologram (1st Press, Clear with Red Flakes /100) Daniel Striped Tiger - No Difference (1st Press, Black /300) Diane Parkers Little Accidents (1st Press, Black and Brown Haze /250) Dinosaur Jr - Where You Been (Repress, Black /???) Drowning With Our Anchors - You Can Never Go Home Again (1st Press, Black /400) Duck. Little Brother, Duck! - Don't Take Our Filth Away (1st Press, Sky Blue /250?) Fugazi - Repeater (Repress, Black /???) Gallows - Gallows (1st Press, Black /???) I Call Fives - S/T (1st Press, Baby Blue / Clear Split /500) Landscapes - Life Gone Wrong (1st Press, Black and Brown /200) Manchester Orchestra / Grouplove / Frightened Rabbit Split (RSD Press, Black /???) Nada Surf - The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy (1st Press, Black /???) Rika - How To Draw A River, Step By Step (1st Press, Black /200) Rolo Tomassi - Astraea (1st Press, White with Blue and Black Splatter /200) Sainthood Reps - Headswell (1st Press, Clear Hunter Green /500) Sed Non Satiata - La Ciel De Notre Enfance / Split with Daitro (1st Press, Black /350) Sharks - Selfhood (1st Press, Red Marble W/ CD /500) Signals Midwest - Latitudes and Longitudes (1st Press, Cream /275) Sinaloa - Sinaloa (1st Press, Black /900) Tame Impala - Tame Impala (RSD Press, Clear Red /???) The Caulfield Cult - It Can Only Get Worse From Here (1st Press, White with Black Splatter /150) Torino - Torino (1st Press, Black /250) We Had A Deal - Dialectics (1st Press, White /300)