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    ALL THINGS VINYL! We sell Amazon's #1 selling record sleeve - OUR OWN CUSTOM PRODUCT, #12SE03. We have over 13,000 vinyl titles on our website as well as a full line of record supplies! We are a member of the Better Business Bureau with their highest rating. Established 1971!
  1. @Buffbloom - heh - yeah, the visuals of our website aren't the most appealing. We have chosen not to dump the ton of money to convert it to something more modern yet because we are trying to keep costs of the supplies down. Thanks for bearing with us. A new website is on our list of future goals. We also sell on eBay and Amazon if that's more appealing. Same username. @minor incident - for a 6# box of 25 white record jackets is around $12 via UPS (ouch!). We tried sending them media mail before ($5) but the post office told us that empty jackets do NOT count as media and to cut it out. so we did. For the white jackets without a hole - on our website for 25 they are $15 + ~$13 shipping = $28. They might be slightly more on our eBay account because eBay and paypal take around 20% - which is sometimes our entire margin! We do have the same thing on Amazon for $24.91 *delivered* because when we send to FBA prime we can use Amazon's UPS# and they get KILLER rates. Supplies we send to FBA to fulfill with their prime service are the only instance where you might see an end price slightly cheaper than our website since we saved $$ on freight and passed it on. Other than that, supplies are cheaper on our website since we don't lose the 20% in fees. Sorry that was so long, just trying to give y'all the bigger picture. Here is a link to the 25 pack on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/25-12-Record-Jackets-Without/dp/B00AO826QO/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1373325713&sr=8-11&keywords=white+record+jackets @kevinxabney - you were seeing the flat rate shipping because you didn't put in your postal code to see actual shipping rates. I just added 13 comics to 'my cart" and picked a "middle of the country" zip code (66601) and it showed shipping as $9.60 - which is still too high in my opinion. Unfortunately our website does not yet recognize media mail as a shipping option. Anything you can fit in a priority mail flat rate envelope for $5.25 - that's what we'll charge you. Just put "ship in priority flat rate for $5.25" and your total will be adjusted before your card is charged. Or "ship via media mail and refund the difference" in the notes. Again, not ideal and we'd like this fixed but for the meantime this is how we work around it. If you put nothing in the notes you would receive a coupon code for your next order for any freight overages over $2-3. (Amazon doesn't combine shipping on comics and charges $3.99 per comic! ouch! or I would suggest checking us out on Amazon). Side note: We ship all our comics in a bag between two stiff boards bigger than the comics to prevent corner dings and such. @Crack Rock Steady - check out the above paragraph to Kevin - same applies. "Ship media mail and refund overcharge" in the notes and we will refund you instead of a coupon code. @skidroje - you were seeing flat rate shipping because you didn't have your zip code entered (it's a couple lines below where you saw $33). I just tried it and to the "middle of the country zip code" it's $20 for this 15# package. When I ran it on the program it looks like we can get it out for $18 so if you mention that in the notes we will refund you the $2 overcharge the website states. Thanks for all your comments guys - we can't grow as a company if we don't know the issues people are concerned with. I'm going to be having all our website orders route past my desk to double check freight charges quoted vs. charged again to make sure there's nothing I can do to help the costs look more accurate on the website. In the meantime if you'd like a freight quote on something that seems high please don't hesitate to contact us! Thanks again for your input! We appreciate it! --Kjerstin & Danica SquareDealOnline
  2. We are addicted to comics too! We have over 58,000 different comic book titles on our website! We also run a comic book shop here in San Luis Obispo CA called Captain Nemo Comics & Games. We are having a special this month for Vinyl Collective members - check out this post for details on how to save 10% on your order! http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/91157-10-discount-for-vinyl-collective-members-a-free-45-adapter-sticker/ We are currently adding more and more comics every day to our website so keep checkin' back and you'll never know what you find! We have some awesome stuff.
  3. We carry PVC Sleeves that you can slide them into that are very affordable - as low as $1.60. We also carry Record Album Picture Frames - one for displaying the 12" jacket and one for 12" picture discs! We also have them available for 7" records. To see our full selection go to www.squaredealonline.com and type "record frame' in the search box. We are having a special 10% off sale for Vinyl Collective members this month - just put "VINYLCOLLECTIVE10" in the "notes" section during checkout and we will manually deduct before charging your card (or will refund to your paypal payment if you choose that payment method).
  4. TRAVELLING AND WANT TO KNOW WHAT RECORD STORES ARE IN YOUR AREA? Send us a message request and provide town name and zip code - and we'll respond with any Record Store customers we have in that area! [email protected] - selling to indie music stores all over the country since 1971!
  5. Our local record store! HUGE, tons of awesome vinyl - A WHOLE VINYL LOFT UPSTAIRS FILLED WITH THOUSANDS OF RECORDS! Established 1971 it is our towns oldest indie record store. Still family owned! Cheap Thrills Records 563 Higuera St San Luis Obispo CA 93401 (805) 544-0686 www.CheapThrills.biz www.facebook.com/CheapThrillsSLO www.twitter.com/CheapThrillsSLO [email protected]
  6. We think it's sad that artists will release exclusively to a chain store. Talk about killing the indie mom & pop shops!
  7. We are new to this board - and you guys are fantastic! We wanted to offer you guys a 10% merchandise discount this month on our website - SquareDealOnline.com - and a free 45 Adapter Sticker! **To receive this discount, please put "VINYLCOLLECTIVE10 & FREE STICKER" in the notes section during checkout and we will manually deduct 10% from your merchandise total before we charge your card. If you paid by paypal - we will refund it back to your payment. We have been selling discontinued and out of print Vinyl Records since 1971 and currently have over 13,000 different titles - 9,000 of which are new & sealed - 8,000 of those are under $10! We also carry a full line of vinyl supplies - from 45 adapters to inner & outer sleeves, jackets, and shipping boxes & pads. We have been serving the music industry since 1971 and sell supplies to some of the top indie stores in the country. We also sell on Amazon (we custom manufacture Amazons #1 selling Record Sleeve) and eBay, although the prices are cheaper if you buy direct from us. If you have any questions or comments or would like a sample of a supply please don't hesitate to contact us - [email protected] or (805) 543-3636. Thanks for keeping vinyl alive! --Kjerstin & Danica #SquareDealOnline
  8. (you can also request samples of other items in the notes during checkout if there are some items you want to touch and feel before you buy!)
  9. We have some great inner and outersleeves for records. We are also offering a 10% discount for the month of July 2013 just for you guys! Put "VINYLCOLLECTIVE10" in the notes section during checkout and we will manually deduct it off your merchandise total before we charge your card. We will also throw in a free 45 adapter sticker if you put that in the notes too! (If you pay by paypal, the 10% will be refunded back to your paypal payment) Here is a link to our inner sleeves: https://www.squaredealonline.com/nbrowse.asp?v=74 Here is a link to our outersleeves: https://www.squaredealonline.com/nbrowse.asp?v=75 Our #12SE03 is the #1 selling record sleeve on Amazon, our own custom product - and we sell it to indie record stores all over the country! Kjerstin & Danica --SquareDealOnline Serving the Music Industry since 1971 #SQUAREDEALONLINE
  10. We're tickled to see us mentioned on here... so we'd like to offer you guys a 10% off merchandise discount on your next order on our website. www.SquareDealOnline.com - just put "VINYLCOLLECTIVE10" in the notes section during checkout and we will manually deduct it before charging your card. This offer is good until the end of July 2013! We'll also kick in a free 45 adapter sticker if you mention that in the notes too. Quick tip: When we sell on Amazon and eBay we have to add $$ to the price to cover the 20% they take in fees - so most supplies are significantly cheaper on our website! --Kjerstin & Danica SquareDealOnline
  11. Hey guys! That's really disheartening to hear. Did you contact us? Sometimes when the sleeves are produced a small fraction get made a little too small. The vast majority is absolutely fine so you must have gotten an odd batch. We haven't had some of the same record store customers for decades by sending out defective stuff, we promise. If you have not contacted us yet to resolve this issue - please do so! We will make it right! We will either call tag the item or get photos and then send out a replacement or refund at no additional charge. We do quality control our incoming lots, but every once in a while it's just a box or a box 1/2 that came in a little weird and got missed. We definitely apologize for the inconvenience! Please give us a chance to fix this for you. --Kjerstin & Danica SquareDealOnline (805) 543-3636
  12. I assure you we are legit business - been around since 1971! We have been hoarders of vinyl records and distributed titles in the early 80s so we have a TON of sealed records! Our customer service is great and easily accessible. Our phone # is (805) 543-3636 and direct email: [email protected] We are a member of the Better Business Bureau with their highest rating! We distribute to indie record stores all over the country and have for decades - and we have our own retail store here in San Luis Obispo, CA called Cheap Thrills Records (established 1972). We are the custom manufacturer of Amazon's #1 record sleeve - our #12SE03. If anybody has questions or needs help with the website please don't hesitate to contact us! In the last several years we have upped our shipping times too - 99% of orders ship out within one business day. LONG LIVE VINYL! --Kjerstin / SquareDealOnline www.facebook/SquareDealOnline Instagram: #SquareDealOnline <---sweet vinyl pics to come!