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  1. Thanks! Just picked one up there. My favorite Willie album and stoked to get a live version.
  2. Looking for Willie Nelson RHS Live is anyone has lead, would be much appreciated.
  3. Manged to get my order through on BullMoose and picked up the few I wasn't able to get from my local which were Neko Case, Blitzen Trapper, and the Whiplash OST.
  4. My bad, I took a look and didn't notice anything. Should have searched harder.
  5. This went up this morning. Not sure how much of an interest this till be the to the board here . The high price is reflective of it being signed and numbered by Mark Ryden. Comp features different artists all covering the same song "Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built for Two)." Artists include: Danny Elfman, Weird Al, Tyler The Creator, Mark Mothersbaugh, and many others. http://www.porterhouseart.com/product_p/p113.htm
  6. They look nice but too expensive. I really hope the 30 dollars for an album trend ends soon. I might have picked up two of these albums if they were 20 or less.
  7. If it's anything like the poster drops by the time you get the tweet and get to the site it will be sold out. People just sit and F5 that shit when they know one is coming. Mondo also tends to release around the same time for an announced released date which ends up being 8 or 9 am Pacific time.
  8. That's one of the last couple releases I am trying to fill out from this year and I've yet to see it pop up anywhere. Been checking the links that get posted here and so far nothing.
  9. Mine came this afternoon. Survived the shipping just fine without any dings that others are reporting. Listened to Fashion Nugget and it sounds great. No test press but super happy to have these albums now.
  10. Best - The Pogues with Joe Strummer - Fantastic album. The sound quality is one of the best I've heard on a live album. Great set list with a mix of Pogues and Clash songs. Really happy I was able to score one of these (got it from the Reckless leftovers online) Worst - Cults live. Not sure why I picked it up in the first place as I'm not a huge Cults fan other than a couple songs. Was an impulse pickup while in store on RSD.
  11. Got most of what I was after from RSD but looking to pick up a few things still. If anyone wants to part with any of the below I am willing to buy or trade for em. Doors - Weird Scenes... REM - Unplugged Set Creedence - 10" Nirvana 7"
  12. The RSD list said there were 1000 of these not 2,500. Was that 2,500 split up internationally with 1000 going to the U.S or is one of those numbers just wrong? This was one of the items high on my list that had me camping out front of my store for 8 hours before they opened (not complaining that aspect is one of the most enjoyable of RSD for me) but my store didn't get a single one. Seems like a mistake to print so few of these, I feel like they could have easily sold 6 - 8K of this title. I don't know what the logic behind some of these small numbers are and who benefits from it other than the flippers.
  13. I was able to get my set yesterday thanks to the board here and the advance notice on the link. I am on the cake mailing list but my email about the sale hit my inbox a couple hours after the set sold out. I am glad to see that this is getting a repress for those that missed out. I understand we all collect records for different reasons and for some the exclusivity is a draw. For me I just like having the music in a format I get the most joy playing it from. Before these box sets I could not get some of these albums without paying insane prices for them. I am happy that everyone has a chance to own them now if they want to listen to them. I am all for exclusive colorways or other things that cater to the collectors. It does bother me though to see releases of music in intentionally limited forms when there is no other way to get that music. It's really frustrating when I want to get something because I just want to hear it and can't because they made it something for collectors and only pressed 1000 of them but 10x's that many people want to buy it.
  14. Looking for Joe Strummer and the Pogues Picked up a copy of the Velvet Underground yesterday and would be happy to keep it but also willing to trade it and some price difference cash for the Strummer with Pogues instead of just cash.
  15. Sp do you only want it if nobody else can have it? This seems like a really messed up way of thinking to me. I hope you are happy with the albums you picked up and enjoying them, but don't see why you wouldn't want others to get the same from it too. Or are you just camping out to make a profit from the people who want that enjoyment from the music? Edit: To me this shows the mindset that is creating everything that is currently broken about RSD.

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