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  1. I emailed like everyone who had one whoses name started with an A or B and by then I got a reply. Search who has it on dead format and you will find someone who isnt giving it any lovin. Found mine for cheaper than I thought
  2. Go to deadformat and msg everyone who has it.... I got through the As and by the next day had a response and he or she sold it with the poster for a good deal. I can relate I was searching for awhile
  3. That's nice of you forbearor.... It's sold to rook
  4. Title says it all. Wanna sell to someone who digs the band and can appreciate it. I picked it up at a local record shop and the outside is beat up but the vinyl is great. Pics upon request. I'm asking 15ppd in the US.
  5. Hey RCSA I think he may have traded as I inquired about it awhile back ago. However, keep the faith. I got one for a reasonable price about a month ago and it's a stellar trilogy.
  6. Right here is a list of mine........ I have it already but it would be a decent gift to a bandmate of mine.
  7. both are great albums...... Love MM just recently picked up a copy of Building nothing out of something. What other bands would you be willing to trade for?
  8. Dang good luck on the Mansions stuff, I commend you..... I just wanna see a test press of theirs. Such good Musicians. I asked Jon at Clifton but he didnt release any info on if the Tests were gone or not. He did however give me a couple of free records of their other releases. Id go to the source, you may be able to snag a Doom Loop. The dudes are super nice

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