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  1. I was sent this one by Amazon, and the corner was bent in a bit, so they sent me a new one. This one has never been listened to. #winning. EDIT: I can't believe I didn't list a price...$30 shipped
  2. Updated with sold items. Thanks for looking, friends! Don't forget, offers accepted on quantity orders!
  3. Hey friends! I am downsizing MAJORLY to allow for a lifestyle on the open road. My wife and I are registered nurses and we've decided to take up travel nursing and live in a RV for the foreseeable future. So, that means I need to take my collection down to the bare essentials. All records are in Very Good+ condition unless otherwise noted. I will make another pass through them to see if anything exists that I've missed in the way of damage. If a price is out of line, please let me know, this is my first time doing this. For any order over $30, I will throw in a random garbage $2 record. You don't have a choice, I'm demanding that you take one...until supply runs out. Everything I am listing is open to offers, and I will begin discounting orders over 5 albums. I am including a link to my exact copy of the record, you'll notice I have undershot all the pricing on discogs. Shipping will be a flat $5 per 3 records, unless someone can recommend a better way to do it. Thanks in advance, I love you all! * = on hold rsd = Record Store Day exclusive release vmp = Vinyl Me, Please exclusive release $2 Neon Blonde - Headlines Tubers - anachronism (green marble) Swing kids - Situations on Mars / Fake Teeth (green) Heiress/narrows - split (clear) The new Yorker - home is where the trees grow Jailhouse records - sampler 2013 iMammoth Total! - Ep (orange marble) Locust - s/t Culture club - do you really want to hurt me This bike is a pipe bomb / Shellshag - Split Ten grand / meth and goats - split Failures - s/t (clear) Neon king kong - mix up the mix / jerks are creeping (purple marble) Converge / drop dead - split (grn marble) Suffix / beau navire - split The racoonists - behold a racoon in the darkness Boy sets fire - consider Middle class Trash - side effects ep Fucking invincible - very negative (clear red) Pujol - deep cuts (red) Wet lungs - s/t (white) Tiny lungs - the devil who painted the wagon red / made up war stories Al Scorch - this lonesome world... (pink) Coalesce - a safe place Pigs suck - 2x7" compliation sweep the leg Johnny - New Buffalo Shores - little one / something in the way Pujol - circles (clear green) Carridale - the wandering (yellow) $5 Alkaline trio - goddammit Anti-Flag - live acoustic at 11th street records (rsd) (clear) Humaana - comfort (blue clear) Vampire weekend - step (white) Cold War kids - five quick cuts Halestorm - into the wild live: Chicago (rsd) Swing kids - s/t (clear blue) The Clippers - an evening with... (white) Spazz / brutal truth - Split Vampire  weekend - Diane Young /step The flatliners - caskets full Code orange kids - full of hell (clear) Joan of arc - many times I've mistaken / eventually, all at once The clippers / coping - split (yellow) Al Scorch - On The Straight and Low Late nite wars - its okay or even worse (yellow) $7 Coalesce - give them rope she said v2.0 (grey swirl) Air - Casanova 70 (rsd) (clear splatter) Loose Lips Sink Ships /Noumenon - Bro Grinds: Music to Grind Your Bros To (Transparent purple and red swirl) Defiance, Ohio - Midwestern minutes Minor threat - salad days $10 Converge - Axe to fall Child bite - The Living Breathing Organ Summer (white) Ed gein - bad luck (pink) Defeater - letters home (bronze marble) I hate myself - 3 songs (Purple marble) Late nite wars - who's going to miss you if you go? Of fortune & fame - perspective (blue) Yellowcard - when you're through thinking, say yes The Oh sees - purifiers II EP Normal love - survival tricks Coalesce - salt and passage (red/blk) $12 Single Mothers - Negative Qualities Finch - what it is to burn x live (autographed) (white) The Menzingers - Chamberlain Waits Alanis Morissette - the demos: 1994-1998 (rsd) (clear splatter) The golden age - unlock yourself Flogging Molly - float Deerhoof - friend opportunity Lightning bolt - oblivion hunter converge / Napalm death - split (pink marble) A Wilhelm scream - boat builders (red) Russian circles - upper ninety $15 Converge - all we love we leave behind (red) Alkaline trio - this addiction 1994! - fckyrhed A global threat - until we die (red) Failures - s/t Wells Fargo - watch out! (vmp) (green marble) Flogging molly - speed of darkness Defeater - empty days & sleepless nights (teal marble) Andrew Jackson jihad/apocalypse - pug life (white) $20 Alkaline trio - maybe I'll catch fire Townes van Zandt - Austin city limits (rsd) Flogging molly - drunken lullabies The menzingers - a lesson in the abuse of information technology (blue clear) $25 The menzingers - rented world (Black/Blue marble) $25+ $40: Ryan Adams & the Cardinals - easy tiger (orange) $35: Ninety Pound Wuss - s/t (yellow) $50: Dragon sound - Miami Connection Soundtrack
  4. Bronwen (my wife) wakes up and says, "are we going to rsd?" and I said, "baby, you're in labor". She says, "I don't give a shit, i want some fucking records!" I got it! I got the record! Thanks to everyone for the well wishes! Bronwen (my wife) wakes up and says, "are we going to rsd?" and I said, "baby, you're in labor". She says, "I don't give a shit, i want some fucking records!" I got it! I got the record! Thanks to everyone for the well wishes!
  5. Hey guys, my wife is in active labor and I'm delivering the baby at home. Any chance anyone can pick me up the coheed release today? They're both of our favorites and our course she's ruining everything, hahaha!
  6. I'm really looking for the requiem for a dream soundtrack.
  7. I guess my store didn't even have the requiem album... Boooo
  8. Threw out my back at midnight and slept through the morning. Anyone know how many copies stores are getting off that Requiem album? Anyone wanna sell one?
  9. Just built a Tele with a Warmoth neck, noiseless pickups and a midboost. I'll post pics whenever I feel like it.
  10. I'm the same way, as you can tell from my other guitars, I don't skip out to save a few bucks. But this little son of a gun is a fun little axe. From what I hear, the fender isn't as fun to play and doesn't sound any better. Like I said, a few new pickups and maybe a resolder or two and this is a great little axe.
  11. What's there to try? They're $180 at MF. I'm gonna buy another one for me and swap the pickups.
  12. Here's a little update. I recently (as stated) purchased a jazzmaster and an american deluxe jazz bass. The bass hasn't arrived yet, but the jazzmaster did. I also picked up a Vintage Modified '51 as a giveaway for my company. The '72 Thinline is having a hand-tooled leather pickguard made as we speak.
  13. Just bought a dunlop mxr carbon copy, digitech jamman stereo 2 looper,and a steel train pedalboard. I'm ready to get crazy!

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