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  1. Up next: BTR-016, a first-ever pressing of Knuckle Puck's Don't Come Home as a gatefold 7" with a previously unreleased song called "Townsend." It'll go on sale tomorrow, January 21, at 2pm EST. The records will be in stock within the next week and will be shipping out immediately after. You can pre-order here. The unreleased song will be available on the P/O page tomorrow as well. 250 - Yellow with Red, White and Black Splatter 500 - Yellow with Black Splatter (also available from KP on tour and internationally via Banquet!) 750 - Solid Yellow Who's in?
  2. Limited variant details: http://www.jadetree.com/news/2015/1/20/you-blew-it-in-stores-record-stores-wexclusive-vinyl-variant hand painted & numbered jackets w/ vellum overlay
  3. If you hadn't figured out by the way cwhit shit talks me any chance he gets, I am also a terrorist! Glad we're caught up. Very excited for this release. The songs are fantastic.
  4. Jesse Cannon and I have a podcast called Off The Record. In a new episode we discussed vinyl reissues at length regarding how the licensing process, band reach out, etc processes go. This was all in-light of the recent Cartel/Enjoy The Ride controversy and spurred on by my experience with Bad Timing Records and our reissuing of Acceptance and Valencia releases. The discussion starts a couple minutes in. We also talked about "marketing excitement" regarding how it took longer than expected for Midtown's recent reissue to sell out. You can listen here.
  5. The fact that you think this is a warranted comment is complete and utter bullshit. You have no idea what the work load split between Thomas and I is, and how we handle it, or how discussions about customer service and errors like sleeve splitting go between us. I am the individual that sends out every single order and do my absolute best to make sure everything is handled with care. I am also the individual that sends out any replacement sleeves/records for any customers that email in a concern or complaint. If you have a complaint, email [email protected] Your statement is ignorant. And the fact that I can operate a successful website while also sending out your orders and managing a few bands is an accomplishment - on top of being a full time college student, and it's incredibly childish of you to diminish that. But hey, thanks for your support of our label.

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