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  1. This song is solid, but the single from late last year didn't do much for me. After how disappointed I was by the last record, I'm gonna hold off on this for now.
  2. Not to be a downer, but I saw them in Detroit late last year and they played 7 or 8 Get Hurt songs. It was disappointing to say the least. I'm not a hater of that album, but it's definitely their worst. They looked like they were enjoying themselves though, and this interview with Matt is promising. Definitely has me even more excited for the new record.
  3. I sold some records on WhatNot over the summer. It's really fun, but nearly everything I sold was less than what I had it listed for on Discogs/what the median price was on Discogs. It's very hit or miss though. It's all about how many people are in the room and what the seller starts the record at. If there's a lot of people bidding, prices can go way up. If there's no one bidding, then it can be hard to move a record. Some sellers also just expect ridiculous prices for their records. In a lot of ways, it reminds me of crate digging in some aspects. You gotta find the right room, with not too many people, with the right seller, who is starting records at a good price, and has something you want. Otherwise, you can spend a lot of time watching and not getting anything. It's a cool app though. I enjoy it quite a bit and I've snagged some good deals.
  4. This isn't coming out on Hopeless, but I thought the exact same thing, hahahahaha.
  5. Was gonna go with the BV exclusive but it was cheaper shipped from Rev for the less limited variant. Oh well. New song is cool.
  6. This is a cool track. I liked the album from earlier this year too.
  7. Heads up that Militarie Gun's entire EP catalogue got repressed via Loma Vista. They have four new tracks coming out later this month, but it doesn't look like the deluxe All Roads Lead To The Gun is getting pressed (yet). Video for one of the new tracks below.
  8. That split with Iron Chic is also available. I already got my copy from Dead Broke. Dead Broke Rekerds variant Other People Records variant (Black variant also available on site) The new Ways Away songs have been great. Can't wait for the album.
  9. Got a shipping notification from Hopeless earlier this week but it's still "label created."
  10. Born Without Bones announced their new album today, out 11/4/2022 via Pure Noise Records. PO HERE 100 - PN1 - Blue & White Aside/Bside w/ White Splatter 250 - PN2 - Blue in Clear with White & Yellow Splatter 300 - Indie Retail - Half Blue / Half Clear with White & Yellow Splatter 100 - Newbury - White with Blue & Yellow Twist 1250 - Various - Bone & Blue Galaxy New song is enjoyable. I PO'd the /100 Pure Noise exclusive.
  11. Songs are solid, but you couldn't pay me to put in a PO with No Sleep right now. I'll keep an eye on this for when they're getting to the buyer.
  12. I don't know. The No Sleep Twitter account posted about it. Maybe this is why they've been in the process of bringing everything back in house.
  13. No Sleep is going to be impacted by this as well apparently, meaning that their already incredibly delayed process will be even more delayed. I hope all the labels can get out of this. It's such a rough situation.
  14. Got the color in color. This was much easier to get than expected. EDIT: Oh wow, looks like the whole site is down now.
  15. Tracks have been good. I'll get around to ordering this but not in a rush. February 2023 release.
  16. I know all vinyl pressing is delayed, but No Sleep represses and releases have been REALLY delayed. No Sleep doesn't have any Hot Mulligan stuff in the store anymore. There might also be some beef with HM and NSR. Hot Mulligan might've gotten their catalog back though.
  17. Looks like this is a new pressing. Available on Dais' site too. There's a few other things I'd like to pick up from them. Might have to make a big order.
  18. This has easily been my AOTY so far. I picked up the orange/mint split from an indie shop.
  19. Yeah, that's the best single no doubt. Really great track.
  20. Fantastic, can't wait for this one to come in.
  21. The fall-off of this band is incredible, up there with ADTR for just master level deterioration of quality.

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