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  1. https://deadformat.com/collection/TheWindBlower Wow, my collection has more than doubled in the last 4 years. Hopefully, they make some updates to the site. Otherwise, I'd be hard-pressed to want to input ~600-700 records.
  2. Real corny that they didn't email first. Classic Merchnow antics. Sorry homie.
  3. Ordered a few things with the Balance and Composure represses (those preorders were 50% off, which was nice). Fully prepared to wait 12 months.
  4. This is a very welcome change. It's about time they did this.
  5. This is weird and sad. Definitely a big bummer if it's true that they wanted to kick him out. Keith is a huge reason why I love ETID so much.
  6. I swear there was a guy on this messaging board years ago who said he bought 3 copies of every record: 1 to play, 1 to keep sealed and sell at the top of market value for himself, and 1 to keep sealed and sell at the top of market value to put toward his kids' college tuitions. It was almost definitely a troll account, but the concept of that is still hilarious to me.
  7. Man, sounds like I'm gonna be disappointed by this one. The two singles didn't do much for me.
  8. Ordered the Target exclusive. Will wait for some variants to pop up off the other LP. Based on nothing, I suspect a Vault edition might be in the works for that one.
  9. Went with the screenprinted /250. The new track is very cool.
  10. EZBuy for me. New song is great. I was always surprised that Greg or Tom never put out solo records. So, this is welcome.
  11. All of these bands have put out a record in 2020-21 and feel at least tangentially related to orgcore (melodic punk, varying degree of gruff vocals, etc.): Ways Away - Fronted by Jesse from Stick To Your Guns, has members of Samiam, Paint It Black; their 2020 record is amazing and they have a new one coming in 2022 The Young Hearts - Melodic punk from the UK Luca Brasi - Melodic punk/indie from Australia, new album just came out this year and it's amazing Lost Love - Canadian melodic punk, have played Fest a couple times I think, new album JUST came out and it's solid The Violent Hearts - UK melodic punk with a little post-punk influence, features the vocalist from SHARKS, a punk band that was on Rise in the early to mid 2010's Cold Years - UK melodic punk a la Gaslight Anthem, new album last year that was enjoyable MercyMusic - US punk band, new album dropped last year, they're signed to Wiretap Records (if you haven't peeped that label's roster, I would recommend you scroll through there too. Not all hits for me, but there's a good chunk of orgcore-esque bands on that label). Hope this helps. Let me know what you think. Side note: That Luther record was super underrated. I need to spin that again soon. If you want a trip down memory lane with the possibility of finding some orgcore bands you hadn't heard of before, check out this list on RYM.
  12. Was gonna snag the Brain Dead exclusive, but I don't really feel like paying $40 for this. Will snag from RFC. The new songs are great.
  13. Wasn't gonna order, but the new song is really enjoyable. Ordered the /300.
  14. Yeah, this is fantastic. They managed to turn it up another notch. This is a special band.
  15. This is a little bit better but still not enough for me to buy this.
  16. These catch-all threads really got me messed up. Missed the /300. Snagged a /500 from Revolver.
  17. Just got an email that these will hopefully ship by late December, a short delay.
  18. Thought the track was super disappointing. This feels like a track 8 on an LP, not a lead single. Ultra Mono was a step in the wrong direction for me; this seems to be a continuation of that. The first two albums are fantastic though, so I'll keep an eye on this and give it a fair shake as more singles drop.
  19. Ain't nothing wrong with that. New OSC record is a banger, and I think they do enough to bring in other inspiration to not just sound like a carbon copy of HH/Defeater. This record deserves some attention.

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