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  1. I know all vinyl pressing is delayed, but No Sleep represses and releases have been REALLY delayed. No Sleep doesn't have any Hot Mulligan stuff in the store anymore. There might also be some beef with HM and NSR. Hot Mulligan might've gotten their catalog back though.
  2. Looks like this is a new pressing. Available on Dais' site too. There's a few other things I'd like to pick up from them. Might have to make a big order.
  3. This has easily been my AOTY so far. I picked up the orange/mint split from an indie shop.
  4. Yeah, that's the best single no doubt. Really great track.
  5. Fantastic, can't wait for this one to come in.
  6. The fall-off of this band is incredible, up there with ADTR for just master level deterioration of quality.
  7. This makes way more sense to me. Great point.
  8. Who do you wanna see take on ZSJ? I'm hoping for CSRO personally, but a Chris Hero return to wrestling could be fun here. I've heard Gargano possibly too, and while I really enjoy Gargano, I don't think he would fit in BCC. Card is stacked. Just wish guys like Punk, Bryan, Omega, etc. were included too. Injuries suck.
  9. Went with the butterfly through Hopeless. Didn't wanna miss out. Didn't see media mail on TWY's site.
  10. Yeah, I'm more afraid of missing out on the 1000 and needing to spend an extra $15 on a 7". There's gotta be a US indie exclusive coming. Maybe a Kerrang/Revolver/Hard Times variant?
  11. New song is cool. Ordered the tan. These guys are consistently enjoyable.
  12. My screenprinted, bone/grey copy from Equal Vision came in. Looks great, can't wait to spin. I've been enjoying this album quite a bit. It's better than their last few releases.
  13. Must've been my lucky day, or I'm about to get a cancellation email, hahahaha.
  14. Just got the PN1, wasn't sold out for me. Glad I refreshed early. EDIT: Looks like it's sold out now, might be coming and going, or I somehow snagged the last one.
  15. Vinyl variants looking nice. Will be going for the PN1 or Rock Sound, I think.
  16. The covers released today were very cool. I'll probably pick this up, excited to see what other tracks end up on it.
  17. Somebody tell Fat Wreck to repress Banner Pilot's catalog, please and thanks.
  18. Mine went from label created since 4/28 to probably being delivered tomorrow. Very excited.