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  1. There's always gonna be a few dorks. They look great, that was a difficult mock-up.
  2. If anybody has an MP3 code for this last LP and would be kind enough to send it my way, I'd appreciate it. I'm just now getting into these guys. They're pretty cool.
  3. This album is so, so, so good. Really enjoying this. Not sure where it falls in my Touche ranking yet, but consider my expectations exceeded. "Come Heroine" might be track of the year for me. What a fantastic album opener.
  4. 156/Silence absolutely slaps. Glad to see this got a vinyl release. Excited for the new track tomorrow.
  5. I think No Sleep is getting hit hard by COVID delays. I also have an order with them that hasn't shipped. Been a few months. Would be nice if the label sent out updates though honestly. Every other label has been doing that.
  6. I forgot all about the Tiny Engines stuff. Makes sense why they've been so quiet. This song gets better with every listen. Very enjoyable.
  7. Last record was great. New single is very enjoyable as well. Any word on US distribution? The shipping from Canada isn't that bad but I might wait to see what's out there.
  8. Hahahahah, that was my main fear. I kinda figured, but thanks for the info!
  9. @IanRees What's Pure Noise's verdict on combining shipping? I have easily 4-5 POs with you guys right now and would love to save a little money without losing my orders on the more limited variants.
  10. Song is cool. Not gonna jump on the PO though. Haven't really loved Frank's recent stuff so I wanna see how the rest of this shakes out.
  11. Definitely wasn't what I was expecting from them, but I think it'll be a grower.
  12. Very cool to see. Song leaked today, and it's good. Surprised this is coming on out PN and not RFC. Nice pickup for PN. They're killing it this year.
  13. Glitter sold out, bummer, but I got the black/white swirl. Very excited for this!
  14. Hopefully the most limited variant lasts until I wake up tomorrow AM. New song is awesome. IATA will always be Vinnie's best outlet, in my opinion.
  15. Awesome. Thanks for posting. I ended up not backing the Kickstarter so I think I'll go this route. The single from earlier this year was really good.
  16. Late to the party but grabbed a color. Black was greyed out when I checked out.
  17. Another great signing by Pure Noise, and a GREAT move for RCR. Very stoked for this.
  18. Thanks for the heads up! Picked up both State Lines LPs. $41 shipped, not awful. USPS was $8, high for media mail.
  19. Happy to finally get a copy of this. Was supposed to see them in Boston earlier this year but COVID nixed that.
  20. https://www.discogs.com/Emarosa-Relativity-Self-Titled/release/15829296