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  1. Yeah, this is fantastic. They managed to turn it up another notch. This is a special band.
  2. This is a little bit better but still not enough for me to buy this.
  3. These catch-all threads really got me messed up. Missed the /300. Snagged a /500 from Revolver.
  4. Just got an email that these will hopefully ship by late December, a short delay.
  5. Thought the track was super disappointing. This feels like a track 8 on an LP, not a lead single. Ultra Mono was a step in the wrong direction for me; this seems to be a continuation of that. The first two albums are fantastic though, so I'll keep an eye on this and give it a fair shake as more singles drop.
  6. Ain't nothing wrong with that. New OSC record is a banger, and I think they do enough to bring in other inspiration to not just sound like a carbon copy of HH/Defeater. This record deserves some attention.
  7. About half of it seems to be, but it's hymnal, traditional Christmas songs. I also agree that I think his voice sounds very strange on that first track.
  8. I hate to say it, but that's a rough track. I don't think I'll be grabbing this.
  9. That's a great track. Glad these guys are back.
  10. All Out was that first wrestling PPV I watched in quite some time, and I loved it. Seeing Punk in the ring again was incredible. The surprises didn't miss; the women's battle royale was fun; the main event was fantastic; and the tag team match was wild. It was just everything you'd want from a wrestling event.
  11. Weird as hell. Big thumbs up from me. It'll be a nice pace-resetter, sitting right in the middle of the LP.
  12. Was a fantastic moment, loved every second of it. Considering buying All Out.
  13. I don't know what I was expecting, but this song is straight up bad. I really dug their last LP, and this feels like a big regression.
  14. Yeah, I was planning on tuning in tonight. Punk was the one who got me back into wrestling when I was in college. So, I'm pretty excited. If he doesn't show, it'll be a mess, I'm sure.
  15. Went with turquoise from Hard Times. Very excited.
  16. I feel you that 16 songs is a lot, but ETID usually does like deluxe versions with the b-sides and what not. So, I'm not too worried about them dropping a 16-track album. It's been 5 years, I'll take everything I can get from them.
  17. They're halfway through season three now! The second half starts in September. Definitely worth the watch (Pillman, Gage, Dynamite Kid included). Do you have a favorite episode so far? I thought the Herb Abrams one was wild. I didn't know much about him/that promotion prior to seeing the DSOTR episode.
  18. If the general rumors are true (that they're moving toward the classic WWE Land of the Giants model), it sounds like it might only get worse too. AEW sounds like it's been solid lately. I was stoked to see Nick Gage pop up there when I was scrolling Twitter a few weeks ago. Idk if you watch Dark Side of the Ring, but that show is super interesting and definitely worth your time.

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