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  1. This arrived today. Haven’t listened yet. Mine included the signed insert which if you look, clearly reads “Matt Nathanson”. It was not numbered.
  2. 1. Clifford ball box set was released to independent retailers, and I heard the price tag was $100 more than what phish was charging on dry goods. Was anyone able to find a link online? 2. Trey has a new acoustic solo album out March 11 on “all digital platforms”. No word of a vinyl release. 3. I saw LP on LP 1 & 2 on sale for 9.99 each at Newbury comics the other day. Wondering if we will see any more from that series. I still think it’s strange they didn’t pick an archive release for that. Im worried it will go the way of the discontinued live phish cd series.
  3. 20 years ago Sha Sha happened! ⚡️ And to celebrate, @thenoisecompany is releasing a triple-vinyl anniversary edition mega packed with demos, b-sides and other rarities. Give them a follow so you can catch the pre-order. 🙀 (From Ben kwellers fb page)
  4. The dude ranch on blue vinyl on the Best Buy site is sold out https://www.bestbuy.com/site/dude-ranch-blue-lp-lp-vinyl/35422365.p?skuId=35422365
  5. Edit: sold out A live one back in stock https://drygoods.phish.com/product/PHLP19/a-live-one-4lp-vinyl-box-set?cp=773_1429_6907
  6. On that post above- everything on it was $15 twenty minutes ago. Looks like prices are going back to normal as things maybe sell out.
  7. https://www.target.com/c/vinyl-records-music-movies-books/sale/-/N-yz7ntZ5tdv0 target $15 sale. Lots of good stuff.
  8. There is no way this band doesn’t have a comeback in the next 5 years. They just seem to enjoy putting albums (and variants) out too much.
  9. https://gustermerch.com/products/parachute-vinyl parachute back in stock
  10. So, maybe stupid question, but who exactly is in the band that plays on the Stillwater album? I’m guessing jason lee is lip syncing in the movie, but that can’t be him on the album is it?
  11. New TAB live 3LP https://treyanastasio.shop.musictoday.com/product/T5LP13/trey-anastasio-band-burn-it-down-vinyl-on-plasma-orange?cp=943_109997&fbclid=IwAR2jtXx_NB9RZO5nUvz9iJEnNVcoNew6LUlvb_m8pEpghUKvD5O44iDjJqE