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  1. Record store owners do this at night. I know all the good swap spots. PM for deetz dudez
  2. i thought i was the worst cause i said "ghey" y'all need to chill the fuck out and hug your moms. edit: referring to a different thread but still on topic because worst poster but off topic because not bnew
  3. which sucks balls because shipping to Can is like 10-15 an album. this means people from the great white north will have to pay $55 for an album. the "its 2 LPs tho" isnt even an excuse for that shit.
  4. thats what i assumed. since its a late pressing i dont really give a shit about the color anyway. going with amazon because its the cheapest.
  5. did anyone bother to at least try to contact amazon about what color they have?
  6. srs. im gonna end up selling the other for retail to a buddy or gonna gift it to someone. was hard enough to buy it in the first place, when the site wouldnt translate i refreshed = updated my cart twice. didnt wanna go back and have to go through it all again so i just went with it. meaning: everyone get off my dick for buying copies to resell.
  7. Ordered 2 by accident. No even gonna go through support and cancel my order
  8. Anyone email these companies to see if it was a repress or not?
  9. He has a point.... tons of soundtracks all getting pressed around the same time for ridiculous amounts of money... how are you okay with this?
  10. saving $8..... is it worth the extra $ to get splatter???? idonnnno ahbfsdjbglvmsgsdbv
  11. https://store.nosleeprecords.com/product/1025/real-fear The Casket Lottery - Real Fear - light blue trans
  12. daaaaaaaaaaaaamn. im so broke right now, but if youre willing to let go on the cheap id be interested
  13. I think all I do on this site is bitch about being in Canada. I dont think that will ever change.
  14. O cmon. Any of those bands alone are worth passing Paramore. and probably 1/5th of the price. To each their own I guess.

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