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  1. Been in the works for a bit. Sucks being a college student and wanting to variant collect. The rest of my collection has suffered a bit, but I want to attempt this at least. I have the Suburbia release which I haven't really seen for sale which is nice. It's tough but I want to do my best to complete it someday!
  2. Could never part with that one. It's from the record release show. Messaging you now though!
  3. That would be fantastic, let me know! Thank you
  4. Looking to buy some The Wonder Years records. My list/wants are listed down in my signature. Would prefer to buy a few bundled rather than one at a time, but show me what ya got!
  5. Would suggest upgrading and maybe getting a smartphone, if that's your thing! Might be worth it to find a phone with the capacity you're looking for, AND a new phone altogether, for the price you might end up spending on another MP3 player. If not, check out battery replacement for the classic. I did that with my 30gb iPod video a while back and it lasted years after! Also, read an article the other day that the iPod Classic is not dead for good. Their supplier of parts for it isn't around anymore or something of that sort, so it's gone until if/when they decide to find somewhere else to supply parts. I feel like with as much backlash the community has had over the iPod Classic's death, it'll either come back, or there will be a new one!
  6. Emarosa! If you click on the video on the left at the end, it'll bring you to that song