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  1. Beach Slang and both Shrimper releases are available on Midheaven. Beach Slang is pre-order and the other two are for sale. They have also been at Amoeba in SF for a week.
  2. I tried to get some stuff from them last month but the site went to an "closed for August until we can catch up on orders." Now it goes to a redirect page for Limited Run. Tried a couple emails w/o a reply. Does anyone know what the deal is? Are they don't or just still catching up? Curious.
  3. With the exception of Feb 14th and Rubbing the Impossible... you can still get most of their 7" s for under $5, LP for about $10-$12. Curious, what else are you including?
  4. I picked up: Owls 2 on lt. blue Pure X- Angel Speedy Ortiz- Real Hair Bleeding Rainbow- Interrupt The First Ice Age album First Big Pink album Nothing crazy amazing, just stuff I've wanted but didn't wanna pay $20 for. I'm hoping there is a 50% thing soon so I can get an adjustment. Plus they have a couple copies of Dylan Mono Recordings box, I wouldn't mind one of those or less than $100.
  5. Looks like eveyone's favorite record store, Urban Outfitters, is slimming down on their vinyl. Saw some stuff on the sale section of the page, but decided to save on shipping and check one down the street. About 6 full bins of clearance LPs @$10 ea.
  6. I've used Sonos a few times and can never bring myself around to actually buying it. I think it's good for parties and get together situations, but the quality is meh. Honestly, if you want the best sound, it's all about hardwire. I think wireless audio is a couple generations shy of "getting there." I've been doing the hard wire things slowly and putting keystones with stereo jacks in different rooms/outside. Will probably use an A/B switch for receivers as my turntable is hooked up to a solid state and everything else is on a modern receiver.
  7. This kinda' works. http://goo.gl/OEOzNK you can change the search term from vinyl to " LP" in quotes. Doesn't work so well with 7" or 12" because of syntax and the inch symbol, unless someone knows a way (iso/html) didn't work for me. BTW, thanks to the person who posted this link. Got the Pure X lp for $5. Found it: http://www.theomegaorder.com/s.nl/it.I/id.16/.f?sc=10&category=-110 The results show up on the bottom of the page. It was "below the fold" on my laptop, so at first I didn't think it worked until I scrolled down.
  8. Would be rad to setup a custom google map with the store location and comments about what they specialize in, tips, etc.
  9. I might have some stuff that you would be interested in. Lemme dig and I'll PM you.
  10. Do you know which pressings the Citizen's Arrest LP and the NY Hardcore LP are? Thanks.
  11. For me, it's a copy of the Chain of Strength "What Holds Us Apart" EP. It was one of the rejected mix 7"s that were supposedly destroyed, not the Chain Crew. Mine had a photocopied cover with handwritten notes from one of the band members. I've seen these go for crazy amounts. Mine didn't sell for a crazy amount (though at the time I thought it was). On the reverse, I traded an original 80's Powell Rat Bones Jacket for a couple records that were hard to find at the time. I've seen them in clearance bins since.
  12. Everyone's favorite Italian shoegaze label, We Were Never Boring is having a 40% off deal. I would suggest the Be Forest stuff, super good. wwnbb.bandcamp.com code: blackfriday
  13. Turntable Lab has a few titles that are allowing you to order them. Not sure why since it's supposed to be next week. Got RaRa Riot and Mewithoutyou.