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  1. Year Zero is still coming soon. I think it's been about 7 years at this point. Maybe i'll go drop a bunch of money on an OG so the reissue can move forward.
  2. I'm 99% certain it's going to sound like a CD pressed on vinyl. I just hope it isn't riddled with snap crackle and pop. I'll report back here when I get the chance to spin it.
  3. Just noticed some Unofficial Buckethead pressings have emerged over the past month or so. So far I've seen the following: Colma Electric Sea Giant Robot Crime Slunk Scene Colma and Electric Sea were instant snags for me, not very familiar with the other two. I sure hope A Real Diamond in the Rough becomes available because that's probably my favorite of all the albums I've heard. Granted... I've not been able to absorb all 800+ albums he's released. I wonder if anyone has.
  4. Yep... the AP 45rpm Core is the one to rule them all. Blows my MOV copy away in every facet. Can't wait for the AP Purple reissue, worth every penny.
  5. Super happy. I feel this album is very underappreciated.
  6. Also noticed only on the mockup picture sticker at revolver it says it is remastered audio. Didn't see any mention of the remastering anywhere in the webstore descriptions. I'm certain that self-titled will get a 30th anniversary reissue next year and if they keep on with the trend, Unplugged would be getting a 30th in 2026.
  7. Revolver has a standard black up for pre-order for $22. Tri-color looked dumb, the limited to 150 jar of flies variant was very neat looking, but I like my OG black when I can get it. https://shop.revolvermag.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/alice-in-chains-jar-of-flies-lp-30th-anniversary-edition
  8. Looks like my order for all 4 on black will be delivered to me tomorrow. Super excited to spin these.
  9. I hope someone can help clear this up for me. I'm hearing people talk about a standard black pressing of this (one source says that Amazon is carrying it). But i thought it was only 3 variants (black ice indie exclusive, clear webstore exclusive, and metallic gold webstore exclusive). Are these people saying there's a standard black actually confusing it with that black ice variant?
  10. I put in 2 separate orders back during pre-order period. 1 of them arrived yesterday (gold vinyl and cd) via USPS. The other one is en route via UPS (clear vinyl and slipmat). I ended up picking up the indie black ice variant on release day because my boots started knocking having not heard a peep from Sandbag and being burned by them on pre-ordering before. Also, just logged into my account and notice the orders actually say fulfilled now, so check your accounts if you're still waiting for your order. Now my next dilemma is which one i'm going to open for my personal collection. Can anyone testify about sound quality? looks to me like this was a Bernie Grundman cut and pressed at that god awful GZ pressing plant. Grundman and GZ media shouldn't be spoken in the same sentence but oh well.
  11. Idk if you noticed but there actually is a sold out (Amazon exclusive variant) pre-order for this exact variant of the album, US Amazon anyways. I missed it somehow, but i did manage to pre-order a black vinyl copy. Comes out in a few weeks. Canada Amazon still has the scarlet red available for pre-order. Still no official news that i've read about Choirgirl getting a reissue. There's some gossip going around that the tapes were lost, and furthermore gossip saying they were lost in that Universal fire in 2008. I think that's all just fan rumors though. There was an interview with Tori some years ago where she talked about how that album was either recorded, mixed, or mastered too loudly as it was the first of her albums that was recorded in her own private studio. Knowing her personality and the way she regards her music, I find it really hard to believe that she doesn't have archived tapes from everything she's ever been a part of in her own personal storage. Maybe it's just a major undertaking to remaster the album because of the loudness thing?

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