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  1. Music Direct and Acoustic Sounds also has AHIG listed. I went with my pre-order at Acoustic Sounds, I picked up something else in the same order to get that free shipping. https://www.musicdirect.com/vinyl/Slipknot-All-Hope-Is-Gone-(Colored-Vinyl-2LP) https://store.acousticsounds.com/d/169555/Slipknot-All_Hope_Is_Gone-Vinyl_Records
  2. I think I got my digital copy from their bandcamp. Think the digital copy that comes with the vinyl will be in the jacket when it comes.
  3. Yep, I can confirm that my Iowa from Amazon was in a mailer inside a bag. Thank god they didn't just put a record in a bag with no mailer. I would've been pissed haha.
  4. Yeah i've been waiting on this one too. Played the crap out of my digital copy, such a good album. Failure never fails to deliver tasty jams. I got a black copy and t-shirt coming.
  5. My Iowa shipped this morning from Amazon, expected delivery on Friday.
  6. If it does, I'll have to pick that one up too. Not my favorite Slipknot album but I like it ok and don't have it on vinyl.
  7. thanks, I was able to snag the 2019 clear with gray City of Evil pressing! Always seem to miss this one when it gets reissued and afterwards good luck finding a copy under $100.
  8. I'm glad Iowa was the only one I needed. The piss yellow S/T and this hello kitty magenta vol. 3 colors are fucking eyesores.
  9. Got mine today, will listen to it at some point when I've got a quiet house. I gotta say though, Acoustic Sounds is fucking fantastic at packing records for shipment. Mine came in a thick cardboard suitcase (complete with a carrying handle), nestled perfectly in the middle with about 3 inches of cardboard give all the way around and bubble wrap. Could throw it off the roof and it wouldn't get damaged.
  10. Yeah, i'd just take it back to where you got it and swap it out for a new one. Let them sort that crap out. It's very clear there are plenty of these available so you should just exchange it. I wouldn't waste time trying to get a replacement disc.
  11. Probably going to be a bunch of people disappointed on release date when their pre-order goes straight to backordered status because Amazon likes to take in more pre-orders than they can fulfill.
  12. Also, either the mockups are deceitful or this is going to be coke bottle opaque because they don't look like clear/translucent with any of the mockups I've seen. Either way, I'd prefer it on standard black, but going to just have to take what is given in this case.
  13. PO up at SRC with a $5 upcharge and release date of May 13 instead. https://www.srcvinyl.com/slipknot-iowa.html
  14. I hope it's a good pressing... I've been waiting awhile to get this on vinyl. Such a brutal and great album.

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