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  1. I remember when this album came out, I was super excited to hear it but then was gutted by how awful it sounded to me. I love Scott's voice but he just didn't sing well on this album imo. Pity...
  2. Never heard of this until i stumbled across it today. And it's fantastic. Stupid price for the vinyl but the music is actually really enjoyable. The song titles kill me. https://inversephase.bandcamp.com/album/pretty-eight-machine-se
  3. geez, they haven't even posted on their facebook about this. how'd you even know it was up? just happened to check the merch site? Been looking out for new Crosses stuff for months, i missed the web exclusive Initiation/Protection 10" and had to settle on the indie black variant of that one. Hope they release these 2 new songs within the next couple of days digitally.
  4. Noticed on acoustic sounds listing that H-side says Audio Story. So I guess 33 songs plus audio story for retail copies.
  5. Nah, these $80 versions appear to be only the base 33-song album. The 10 extra songs on the 7"s are only included with the premiere holy shit box set package on the Zuzu site for $250.
  6. Listed on RSD website now, I was able to pre-order indie exclusive 4LP from my local store for $80 plus tax. Also see it's popped up on Amazon, though the listing is not ready to take pre-orders. https://recordstoreday.com/UPC/793888105676 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BFXBY64H/
  7. I'm just hoping for a good Pumpkins album and for Jimmy to not be a human drum machine anymore. The electro pop shit has got to stop. Beguiled gives me hope, I don't hate it, even if the drums are a little lackluster still. The 74.99 euro pre-order is more along the lines of what I would be willing to put up to have it on vinyl if it ends up being a solid album and I really do think we'll see that in the US. There's no way it's going to be $225 or more to get this album on wax or nothing and if that ends up being the case, I guess I won't have it.
  8. I have no doubt that there will be a cheaper option further down the road. This is reminiscent of Tool's Fear Inoculum. only reason to jump at this is for diehards. I probably would if I was a bigger fan of their albums since the revival
  9. I've got a 2013 black YPAA SRC pressing. it's actually not that bad of a pressing, much better than the white copy I had at one point. The white one as i recall was really snap, crackle and pop. Got my hands on a black copy and this one is just fine. I'm certain though this 45rpm version will be far superior in sound, I'll probably ditch the SRC copy once i get this. What I don't have at all is Electra. I missed the couple times he had those for sale and was pretty bummed about it, so I'm pretty stoked about having another shot to get that one.
  10. Well it's TMV release day. My vinyl pre-order shipped out yesterday. I guess I accidentally ordered from the Europe Clouds Hill site instead of US so it'll be a hot minute before I get my copy. Listening to the album this morning though and I've got to say I'm pretty satisfied so far. To me, it doesn't sound like anything TMV has ever done. Definitely doesn't have the energy of Deloused, Frances and Bedlam. I would say it's most closely resembling of Octahedron and Noctourniquet. I'm a big fan of those albums just as much as the high-energy TMV so it works out fine for me.
  11. The Cure Wish Picture Discs (womp womp). Thankfully I've got a pre-order in for a proper pressing of that coming around the same time. Nothing else strikes me as something I need.
  12. my UO order is processing for shipment today and my card has been charged, looks like these are going out this week.
  13. Could you buy it for me and have it shipped to my address? lol Seriously though... as much as I'd love to have this as a collector piece. I'm just not the type of person that would drop $300 on visual art stuff. Pretty cool though, just not $300 cool to me. And every time this thread gets bumped, I get excited thinking the Year Zero and Slip definitive editions have finally come, only to have my hopes smashed.
  14. i ordered my AHIG from Acousticsounds.com and the listing page says backordered effective today with a "NEW" tag on it. Previously it said expected release date 8/26, my order also still reflects backorder.
  15. Curious if all the variants are going to be 45rpm or if it's just the black tour exclusive. Does anyone know? I don't see that it's been mentioned anywhere.
  16. I snagged a black indie exclusive for $20. I'm wondering where more music is. Pretty sure we were supposed to be looking out for more at the end of May.
  17. Just got an email from UPS that a tracking number delivered to my address was created and expected to arrive by Saturday. It's coming from WEA ECOMM GNARLYWOOD and I'm fairly sure that's where some of my other Coheed merch has been shipped out from. Don't have any other POs I'm expecting this month so I'm sure that's what it is. Looking forward to hearing this new album. I POed the D2C variant.
  18. Yeah, I can wait a day to here the song. Super excited about this though as TMV is one of my all-time favorites. There's not a weak album in their discography, in my opinion.
  19. New song is what I expected, run of the mill Russian Circles. I'm actually working on thinning out my collection a bit and i've got several Russian Circles albums on the chopping block if anyone is interested. I'm keeping Station and Geneva (far and away their best 2 albums imo) but everything else I have by them is going away. Specifically the following: Memorial - Black vinyl Guidance - Black vinyl Empros - Black vinyl Blood Year - indie exclusive Gold vinyl DM me if interested
  20. Received my copy today, I've already listened to it. Sounds great aside from some minor crackles and few pops. Probably just needs a good cleaning, didn't have the time to get out all my cleaning stuff. The record was inside the printed inner sleeve and i think there may have been some static from that too. Seemed to take forever to get this and especially for a single LP. Ah well, just glad to own it on vinyl, great album.

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