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  1. i don't see it on 1234 go's website. did you call them to place the order?
  2. I see. The amazon details a little ways down the page makes me think it's 2014 US pressing, but those details are probably not always correct. Let me know what you get because if it's the new EU pressing, i'll probably jump on it too.
  3. I'd be weary. If that Amazon listing is for the 2014 US pressing on black there's a good chance it's going to sound horrible. That's what I currently have and it's super tinny and loaded with sibilance. From what I've read, the EU black vinyl pressing is solid.
  4. Ok, maybe I do care about color a little bit. That color is fugly for this album. That said, if it sounds great, I'll probably snag one, and I hope there's black.
  5. yeah, there's 1 listing for it on discogs for over $300 USD lol. anyone that receives one of these is going to have an instant expensive resell value record. And again... i still have a sealed bootleg that i'd be willing to sell to someone at cost+shipping. think i paid $50 for it. DM me if you're interested.
  6. good info, maybe I'll just hold out and see what the 20th anniversary brings. I just want to have a great sounding copy of this album, couldn't care less what variant I have. From what I've read it sounds like the only decent sounding reissues have all come from EU pressing.
  7. Anyone able to testify that the sound quality of this 2023 EU repress is superior to the 2014 issue? I have the 2014 black variant and the sibilance and high end in general is pretty bad. Was thinking about pulling the trigger on this.
  8. i do have an extra sealed Mechanical Animals unofficial white from 2020. accidentally bought 2 of them. the copy in my collection that i've listened to is pretty good, by boot standards. DM me if interested.
  9. For those of you straining to read that, here's a normal font color variant: HUM RE-ISSUES: YES, IT’S STILL, STILL HAPPENING… The day is here (almost). We’ve entered the actual manufacturing stage with RTI. We’ll likely be taking pre-orders mid-summer, with records shipping before the end of the year. Copies of Inlet, Downward is Heavenward, You’d Prefer and Astronaut, and Electra2000 will be available in both black and a color variant. (So, please, no major appliance purchases or new lawn mowers or anything before that so you can collect ‘em all.) Once the exact pre-order date is set, we’ll shout it from the rooftops. You won’t miss it, promise!
  10. I've actually got a 2014 Black copy of Oceanic I've been looking to sell, like new condition, played only once. I'd be willing to part with it for $40 if anyone is interested, DM me.
  11. Get one of these and your reckas will thank you. I've been using the KAB EV-1 for over 10 years and it works fantastic. The only thing that's needed replaced once is the applicator brush (nitty gritty rcb) but it's only $20. https://www.kabusa.com/frameset.htm?/ev1.htm
  12. did you properly clean it before spinning it? could just be it needs cleaned...
  13. Yes, excellent cover for sure. I could definitely get used to a new Crosses single on a monthly basis. I really don't think they can miss.
  14. I'm very happy with it. Very cohesive collection of songs and not a weak one in the bunch imo. I'm a bit perplexed about where Initiation and Protection fall, being the first 2 singles released earlier this year, I expected them to be on the EP. Those 2 songs also sound the most like the 2014 album than any of the stuff released afterwards this year, makes me wonder if those 2 songs just didn't make the cut for the first album for whatever reason. Maybe they'll end up on the full-length album, if we assume at some point there will be a full-length. Regardless, this first EP slaps and I'm looking forward to more in 2023 for sure. And I will continue to buy every single/EP they put out because I love this group and what they're doing.
  15. Ordered it. Yeah... masterful marketing. They done got me on a CD only to get me later on the vinyl. Oh well, I love this band so it's fine by me. Is it 10" though? I mean, it would make sense with the number of tracks, but it doesn't actually say if it's 10" or 12".
  16. yeah it was mentioned on this thread a few comments back that Revolver was just straight up cancelling people's orders for Dead Again. My BK order has been in since i think May and they have moved the release date back at least twice. Definitely makes me leery to order anything else from them in the future. Nuclear Blast was right on schedule though, so kudos to them.
  17. listened to my copy of the coke bottle green over the weekend. Pretty impressed with it, dead quiet floor, flat, sound is dynamic and spacious. The live tracks on the bonus disc are not the greatest quality, but I'm certain that's just the quality of the recording, can't polish a turd. Not unlistenable though by any means, the live version of My Girlfriend's Girlfriend was my favorite of the bunch. P.S. still haven't seen shipping notification for my copy of Bloody Kisses from Brooklyn Vegan, going on 5 weeks now since they said it would ship within 3. oh well... just gotta continue to wait I suppose.
  18. Absolutely agree. Oceania is a very solid album. It actually sounds like the Pumpkins that made all their 90s material so good. While I understand the desire for artists to "evolve", to me this seems like there's just nothing in it for me to connect with. And for crying out loud... why in the world is Jimmy's amazing drum talent being wasted album after album if he's back in the band? Unless I'm missing something, has there even been a classic Jimmy drum track in any of the new material? The kid in Oceania did about as good of a Jimmy impression with his drum work on that album than I think anyone could ever do.
  19. I'm STILL waiting for my order of Bloody Kisses clear with green swirl from Brooklyn Vegan. I think BV is a sister company to Revolver aren't they? 4 weeks ago BV sent out an update email saying that they expected to finally start shipping them out within 3 weeks.
  20. Yeah, i ordered this. does specifically say black vinyl. better not get a pic disc or i'll be angry lol https://therecordhub.com/products/vinyl-the-cure-wish-30th-anniversary-edition
  21. Got shipping notification email from The Record Hub for my 30th anniversary Wish this morning. Probably won't get it for a couple of weeks since it has to travel over the pond but yay!
  22. i didn't get a shipping notification email but just happened to login to my NB account and noticed there was a tracking number on my Dead Again order. Looks like it should be delivered to me on Monday.

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