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  1. Glad you’re enjoying that paperweight while the rest of us who listen to records got assed out.
  2. Same here. This whole process has been a different experience for me with record shopping.
  3. Thought I read from MT that he'd be mailing beginning of February.
  4. Ugh. I hate how I have to set a page on Facebook to "See First" just to see it at all.
  5. What's your source for this quote? Also, he said in his blog post from 9/19 that they're using RTI.
  6. Same. I A/B'd my white copy with my CD and the audio quality is virtually identical… which is why I don't bother putting the LP on anymore.
  7. Ordered mine from Amazon on May 5. It hasn't shipped, and now the item page is saying temporarily out of stock.
  8. Why do you have this? Thought it didn't come out until tomorrow.
  9. Anyone have first hand experience with the vinyl pressings of the early LP's? Specifically I'm looking for opinions of Corrasion, Truth Becomes Death, Bodycage, Radiance of Shadows, Guilted by the Sun, and The Bungled & The Botched. I own Touched on vinyl and it's pretty disappointing. Other than it starting several minutes into the first song (completely skipping the build-up that I think makes their stuff so dramatic), but the mastering sounds really digital and flat. It's like a vinyl pressing was slapped together just to have a vinyl pressing. Because of this experience I've shied
  10. Anyone else here go to the show last night? The backing band was really tight. I was impressed. I think I need more time for this new material to sink in. The older material sounded tits. The only song I didn't recognize was that super sludgy tune they played right after they sang Happy Birthday to that girl. Anyone know what that was? Tip for those going tonight: if you use the unmanned $10 parking lot up Lucas, the pay station's card reader didn't work and doesn't give change. Someone in line said this is normal for that lot. I'd only brought $20's so I left a note on my dash essentially sa
  11. Honestly, do not bother with this pressing from SRC. I A/B'd it with my CD. CD sounded better. Pretty sure that's where they sourced it from, actually. Maybe Earth Analog will put out a proper reissue at some point, but until then play the smart card and save your pennies for something better.
  12. Grow up. An "investment" doesn't need to be purely financial.
  13. I agree with Eduardo with the exception of the rather poor shipping method used here. It's not like I was expecting an aluminum foam-lined case with a padlock or something. There was literally only a single 11x11" sheet of bubble wrap placed on one side. The cardboard stock of the gatefold is nice and heavy but the inner sleeves were placed on the interior, causing them to slide around in transit and splitting on the seams. Had they been placed in the slits I image it might have been enough pressure to keep them from shifting. Not even a cheap plastic outer sleeve was used to protect the corne
  14. I'm actually going to buy a black copy as my play copy because the white sounds as noisy as any other white vinyl I've come across. Just because something's more limited doesn't make it better.

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