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  1. The first two Funeral for a Friend albums repressed would be nice.
  2. I picked up Nathaniel Rateliff, Andre 3000, At The Drive In, Benjamin Booker and the J Dilla Delights Vol 1 & 2.
  3. I've got most releases from Topshelf, CYLS and the like, but I'll collect anything I'm into.
  4. Definitely one of the nicer looking presses I've seen recently.
  5. Protagonist Music. My order never showed up for whatever reason. They were kind enough to resend the records and even threw in something extra. Great label.
  6. Meteora? I would buy it from you if it's available. I don't want my money to go to the ebay flippers.
  7. That goddamn YMAEWK kickstarter I still haven't gotten. The rest have been fine.