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    from le matos' facebook:
    big news!!! we will play live at #Mondocon 2016 in Austin. And Death Waltz Recording Company / Mondo are re-issuing "Join Us" especially for the event!!! who's coming to Mondocon?
    really hope this is available outside of mondocon
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    Yeah, well let's see what he names HIS record label... Oh wait...
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    Here's the other poster with tour dates

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    I went to the second Portland show on Tuesday night. The album is even better live. They were amazing.
    They had 3 posters for sale, but the Portland exclusive one was sold out after the show. I don't even know what it looked like, but I did get this cool Return to the Moon 'Blade Runner' poster. Once I got home and could get a better look at it in the light I noticed that it's a Tyler Stout design.

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    Robert_Sofa reacted to tvham in PO: EL VY - Return to the Moon (National, Menomena)   
    I saw the band last night at the Independent in SF, they were amazing! Lots of merch including two different t-shirt designs, two different posters, cd's and vinyl. The guys came out after the show and took pics and signed for everyone. I definitely recommend catching them if you can, it's amazing to have seen them play such a small venue.

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    Robert_Sofa reacted to zacooper in Post a PIC Of Your Collection (Band or Label ONLY)   
    My Knuckle Puck collection. Only thing not shown is the special Tour Cover that I got for Copacetic the other evening.
    Neck Deep Split / Oak St Flexi / Don't Come Home:

    The Weight That You Buried:

    While I Stay Secluded:


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    take a step back. you're just being trolled now. don't stoop to their level. if you're fine w/ what you're doing, keep doing it. don't let this place bother you. i bought your zelda release and really enjoy it. 
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    Robert_Sofa reacted to wbhendrix in PO: THE ALBUM LEAF In A Safe Place LP Reissue (Loser Edition)   
    just saw this at slyvinyl.com and ordered immediately! all the other new AL vinyl releases have sounded great. cant wait! 
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    Robert_Sofa reacted to andrewlucas in Custom Record Sleeves by Andrew Lucas   
    Dont want to get anyones hopes up, and please dont start sending me messages, but the new office I work at has a printer for printing plans. Its huge. If I can figure out a way to get the thick paper into it I can print some sleeves. The problem I have is the paper is loaded into it on a big spool. I was thinking maybe I can just use masking tape to tape the sheets onto the spool and then roll it up again. It will curve the paper but I can probably flatten it back out after a day or two under something flat. I'm also not sure about the quality of color printing so it might have to be black and white. I'll let you guys know when I am able to do it. i just have to find some time where I'm not swamped at work. The cost may be a lot cheaper too. My friend got his printer fixed a while ago but didnt want to make any more record sleeves because he said they were too time consuming and we didnt make any money off of it. Also, were not really talking anymore.
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    First-world problems of the highest order.
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    Robert_Sofa got a reaction from CVHX in Deja Sleeve (Deja Entendu Slipcase) - Available NOW!   
    #75 reporting in!
    Kinda warped package, but no bends, tears, dents, etc. -- came out looking good.
    thx again CVHX!
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    Robert_Sofa reacted to freedumb in Circa Survive Juturna 10 Year Anniversary   
    My girlfriend asked me, "You want Juturna?"
    I said "Yeah!"
    She replies, "Great, Juturna do the dishes!"
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    Robert_Sofa got a reaction from nickelnine59 in PO: The Mars Volta - Scab Dates   
    Oh man, that's great - I had never heard it direct from Cedric like that before...
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    Robert_Sofa reacted to nickelnine59 in PO: The Mars Volta - Scab Dates   
    That was me
    Got the information from Cedric on this podcast where he talks about the Volta vinyl, MOV fiasco. This was from 10 months ago, so I don't know any more recent updates. All we can do now is just wait.
    Anyone interested, jump to the end near (1:55:35) second mark to hear the vinyl talk. Its real interesting and nice to see they put an effort in their vinyl releases.
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    Robert_Sofa reacted to CVHX in Deja Sleeve (Deja Entendu Slipcase) - Available NOW!   
    The first 100 will be numbered. The rest will not be. Obviously, I didn't give the idea a whole lot of thought when i volunteered to number the first 100.
    There was a huge problem with a lot of the sleeves so I dont really have a count on the total at this point. I haven't contacted the manufacturer about it yet either so im not sure if they will be replaced or not. I want to get these out to everyone asap so just the first 100 will be numbered.
    I hope everyone understands.
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    Robert_Sofa reacted to doomcreep in Post a PIC Of Your Collection (Band or Label ONLY)   
    Not sure if this breaks the rules since it's not technically a band/full label collection but it was tough to get regardless. Dino DNA variant came in today so I have all 4 versions now.

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    Robert_Sofa reacted to TheCowboyPoet in Post a PIC Of Your Collection (Band or Label ONLY)   
    Here's my Wilco collection. It's all eight studio albums (AM, Being There, Summerteeth, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, A Ghost Is Born, Sky Blue Sky Wilco The Album, The Whole Love), the three Mermaid Avenue albums, the Speak Into Roses 10", the Alpha Mike Foxtrot b-sides/rarities collection, and the Kicking Television live album boxset. 

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    Robert_Sofa got a reaction from cambionic in Video game OSTs   
    Except per conversations with him, he indicated that Moonshake was NOT dead, but that, yes, a new second legit label will also be started.
    Expect to see Pokémon via Moonshake as planned.

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