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  1. Ratsky9

    Record Store Day 2018

    I bought a copy of sha sha, and there is a 2nd center label pressed directly on the grooves! I reached out to the label, but if they can’t replace it, does anyone have ideas for removing it?
  2. Ratsky9

    Record Store Day 2018

    Jason Isbell is no longer on the main Rsd.com list. Still shows up on Bullmoose though. Isn’t a top priority but I had some interest in that one.
  3. Ratsky9

    Record Store Day 2018

    I'm confused by the Run The Jewels box. Is it literally just a box with a remix album in it? I assumed it would be a set of their 3 albums, but the description makes it seem like the former.
  4. I received shipping notification for mine Wednesday, it spent 2 days in a DHL facility. it departed Friday morning, and USPS has been awaiting The order ever since. I really hope that it just didn't get scanned at some point otherwise I have no clue where it is
  5. You weren't asking me, but I got the shipping notification today. I just checked and it said fulfilled
  6. ordered! If these sell out before they were supposed to go up, people are gonna be pissed
  7. Ratsky9

    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Are you talking about the academy fight song blue/black swirl? if so that's a steal.
  8. I'm confused about the Orange. Does anyone know if it's tour only? the post doesn't indicate that, but from what I've seen, that's the only place anyone's gotten it.
  9. Song premier at 3 Est according to twitter. If pre orders do go live, I would guess around then
  10. I woke up today, checked my emails and I got one confirming that my order will be shipped today. I guess my original payment must have worked
  11. Did you use paypal? My transacation already went through, so I'm not able to cancel, and I'd rather not send more money unless they refund the initial payment.
  12. Did anyone order coheed on that German site? I did, and paypal'ed 48 euros (total listed in confirmation after international shipping). The next day I got an email telling me to send 38 euros and they will ship it. I've emailed them back for clarity and haven't heard back. Anyone else have issues?
  13. Ratsky9

    post your set-up thread

    Height wise the speakers are perfect, i was more concerned with vibrations and such since they are on different levels of the same unit
  14. Ratsky9

    post your set-up thread

    I have a quick speaker location question, and i thought that this may be a good thread to ask.... We recently purchased a new tv stand and temporarily put my turntable inside a lower cabinet with my speakers on top, next to my TV. I realize that this set up isn't ideal, but are there issues i should be concerned about with either the turntable in a cabinet or the speakers on the same unit? Any advice would be appreciated, and please let me know if there is a better thread for this question.
  15. Ratsky9

    New Hotelier Lathe?

    Got mine today! no number on it though