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  1. https://brianfallon.merchcentral.com/ preorder link! Doesn’t say anything about being a limited variant, but looks great
  2. Yep! I was interested until I saw that they are taking the opportunity to sell at Discogs prices.
  3. Your question wasn’t directed at me, but currently Demon Days is a swap option. The caveat being that if it sold out between now and the time of swap you could miss out. I believe it’s been hanging around for a while though.
  4. Welp looks like I’ll be forced to spend my day off with my family. Want the PJ but with 13k out there I’m not too worried about finding it online/ later.
  5. Apparently the list is coming out tomorrow
  6. Is there any way to see the list of available swaps before signing up? Also don’t see myself listening to The Flaming Lips album all that much.
  7. This is out on streaming and the vinyl preorder is live. Doesn’t seem to be limited so I’ll probably be holding off for a bit. https://www.chanceraps.com/shop
  8. Looks like there’s a solid blue in the US store now /1000 for anyone interested
  9. Did anyone else notice their Instagram story yesterday advertising the preorder, they showed a shot of all the different mockups. One was a pink color. Maybe that’s the indie exclusive.
  10. Wasn’t able to get into the new album page, but his old mixtapes looked gorgeous 😍 Edit: Some additional info I was able to see prior to being booted. $35 per. Pressed by Vinyl Me Please. Should arrive “Fall” and doesn’t appear limited. I was also able to grab screenshots, but not exactly sure how to post them.
  11. Down in the valley is a legitimate store in Minneapolis. That’s where I go every year for RSD! You should be good.
  12. I was looking at the list again and the pressing numbers for The Crow and Lost in Translation were both updated to 8000. It looks like there should be no issues grabbing these
  13. Mine is also shipped. Didn’t get an email but checked the status in the original confirmation
  14. I saw a black and gray varient pop up a minute ago here, seems to be gone again though