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  2. Hey bud I would guess you're noticing the large amt that already gone. We actually posted this live last thursday on our site and to our social followers. So that's why many have sold. The graph on our store does not include band copies, that's how many of ours have sold. Band gets 150 we sell 350. Of our 350 we're about half sold out since Thursday afternoon. But if you're wondering if the band will have some on next tour, they might. I know last tour they sold out about half way through the tour. Thanks all. And yes it sounds perfect on 180g wax. We are def proud of that.
  3. Yeah I mean perfect world Ryan would hand you the record himself and tell you how thankful we are and USPS wouldn't get to take us all for a bunch of monies, but I've yet to work that process out. It would be hilarious to give away a test press in a publishers clearing house style where we show up at your door with it and a film crew and watch us vinyl dudes jump around screaming like kids. hmmmm Idea for the future maybe...
  4. btws I'll try to check back here often, but Sly is just a project I do for fun and the regs job is busy today. If you need some answers It might be faster to hit me up on email at [email protected] or use our form on the store - http://store.slyvinyl.com/pages/contact-us Thanks again for all the support and spreading the word. About half the stores stock is already gone and Testies sold out. Thanks again for helping make this dream a reality. Also I welcome all suggestions and constructive criticism, it's the only way to get better so feel free to email me your thoughts at [email protected] Keep Spinnin, Scott
  5. It is not an unlimited code. It's won't expire but can only be used once. But it is for your entire order, so you can nab a few things and it will go towards them all.
  6. I'll add israel right now and you can get one. Added, all yours. Thx I have no idea what shipping will be, but last one to that area cost me $23 for first class intl so add a couple to pack, ship and get insurance. Thanks,
  7. Hey all it's Scott, head dude or (upper), here from SlyVinyl. I wanted to toss over a quick message and say thank you so much for your support. I also wanted to publically on here say thanks to Ryan / forbsie for all his work on this. Ryan has busted his ass to make this happen and should be given so much credit. It was 100% a labor of love on his behalf just like all the time he spends posting on the blog. I am truly thankful to have a dedicated and amazing team. A couple notes on questions. 1. yes i can cancel orders and allow you to re-order if you forgot your code. 2. the coupon codes were for our supporters & the store will check your account. 3. sorry shipping sucks, but if you have followed sly and our releases, you'll know shipping has been tough on us. We are working hard to make sure there aren't any issues going forward & will continue to work on taking the cost down. We are aware that the media mail is high, but can't take it down right now. Promise we're working on it. 4. As for monies, we sold out BSBD and are almost sold out of Way Yes and our profits from those 2 pressings weren't even enough to pay the bill to get Damascus pressed. We are not currently making money, and on our way to the bank we're def not laughing. Mainly though I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the excruciatingly nice things you guys have said about supporting us. I never really planned on Sly being where it is and couldn't be happier to be along for the ride. Your comments have 100% made my week.
  8. In response to this note, the artwork for the new cover was created and requested by the band. We didn't create it. But I agree it's quite different, though they have done 3 different versions of this album thus far and all three have had different covers. So I think that's just how they roll.

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