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  1. I personally think Colorado is its best in the Summer/Fall. There's so much to do whether you want to do outdoorsy stuff or city stuff, etc. If you're doing a city day, definitely hit up several of the breweries around. Wynkoop is a favorite that is very close to the ballpark.
  2. all i seem to be doing is switching back and forth between this album and radiohead... i'd be interested in those of you who didnt like it, whether your opinion changed at all. i seemed to love this instantly and that hasnt seemed to have changed. it's a long album but it's cohesive and probably a little cooler than his other albums which can require more of a jazz-like ear. i do find that the second half of the album is what i'm more actively listening to than the first half, but those songs are pretty flawless in their own right. anyway.. /opinion
  3. yes, this, haha. about the only great thing to happen to me lately is this album releasing on my birthday. no idea how many times i've listened to this since.
  4. I tend to get really excited so I'm trying to withhold from this same opinion, but... All I want is Choose Me on repeat.
  5. it's kind of nice to remember who everyone is again though...
  6. it's kind of nice to remember who everyone is again though...
  7. I would have lost my shit if I received one of those. I'm just hoping the album comes sooner than later