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  1. Migration Fest full line up. Come to Pittsburgh and hang out dudes! Migration Fest III: Black Magnet Buildings Buried At Sea Cavernlight Couch Slut Daeva Falls of Rauros False Immortal Bird Imperial Triumphant Kowloon Walled City Krallice Mizmor Nightfell Obsequiae Ruin Lust Skeleton Spirit Adrift Thou and Emma Ruth Rundle Tomb Mold Ulthar Vastum Witch Vomit Yautja Yellow Eyes
  2. Man his prices have gone up and the releases dont sell like they used to. 31.99 plus shipping for an obi...
  3. https://crashassailantrecords.com/product/bongzilla-apogee/ this is fantastic news! Album has not been in print for like 20 years.
  4. Makes a good old fashioned with a twist and mixed with some bourbon creme is a good desert drink.
  5. That small batch is delicious. The small batch barrel proof is good as well but a strong one at 127 proof. I had one drink and let it sit for about a month and it mellowed it out a bit.
  6. Much appreciated man. Dont go out of your way. Unless it finds you something awesome as well lol.
  7. Bought a bottle of angels envy rye finally. Stuff is hard to track down. Looking forward to cracking it open.
  8. The problem about Pennsylvania is its state regulated so you have to go to “state stores” to get all liquor. Makes it almost impossible to find the really rare stuff. When they do get their allotment for rare stuff they do auctions. Last month they auctioned off those rare buffalo trace bottles and had like 35k applicants for like 300 bottles or something insane.
  9. You da best. the top of my bar is fully covered and have some extra bottles in the cabinets of the bar. There is a “premium store” that opened a few blocks from my work so if the weather is nice ill go out occasionally and take a walk and see what they have. You pretty much have to go there to get anything out of the ordinary. It has become dangerous...
  10. Bump this up! Been collecting some stuff as of late and building up an arsenal. just cracked my bottle of midwinter’s night dram which I am really enjoying. there are things that are just not possible to find in PA state stores but easy to find everywhere else which is frustrating. if anyone stumbles across some blatons or weller and wants to hook a brother up let me know! also if people want to do a trade or sale of stuff lets get it going!
  11. Some live albums no one asked for and a reissue of hippie killer. They refuse to repress Heroin for some reason.