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  1. Usnea are great! Thought they had broke up as its been a bit since they released anything but the new record on transition loss is solid
  2. Cant help secure a copy but this bands from Pittsburgh and rules.
  3. I saw there was a button to click in stock and stuff seemed to be getting updated as i had one thing in my cart that had 4 left then switched to sold out. the layout is abysmal though. Weird it stops after 32 pages when there were like 80k things but what can you do. Grabbed a few things and we will see how it goes. Worst case open a paypal dispute if they totally shit the bed.
  4. Has anyone bought from them before? The majority of the reviews for the site are abysmal.
  5. I never got tracking or any updates and mind just showed up yesterday. May happen for you as well. I noticed it on my informed delivery.
  6. There are US stores and distros that get Guerssen label stuff in. Saves the shipping and 50 dollar price tag. Check permanent records on IG and other platforms. Have bought many things from the label from them.
  7. I will settle off when it makes sense and both sides are open to it. Id assume buyer protection on paypal should be sufficient as long as you pay G&S and have a list of what you purchase.
  8. If anyone sees a copy of the ramones box set at retail and wouldnt mind picking it up for me it would be greatly appreciated. My shops didnt get any.
  9. Logged in at 11 and said was all gone from the jump. That was fun.
  10. As an fyi for those who havent dealt with gilead, its a great label music wise but he almost always misses his release dates by a long shot. And this was before the recent back up at plants. I did the subscriptions before and would get records like a year or more after it was supposed to come out.
  11. I actually emailed them about it a few weeks ago when i ran into the same issue. They gave me the excuse of increased price for shipping and they are unable to refund me the overage if i ordered. I tried to explain to them that media mail has gone up slightly and shipping two records is about 5-6 dollars between material and actual shipping costs. Then they just never responded.
  12. Now that they are big timing it I dont know if 20BS will be connected anymore.
  13. son of a B… been looking for a reasonable priced copy of this and didnt look at VC yesterday. Where did you see the repress was coming in March of 22? At least we got that going for us.

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