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  1. I thought so. The other records are not bad they all kind of start to sound the same so dont really need 8 of them.
  2. I own far too many electric wizard records. Which 3 should i keep? leaning towards dopethrone, come my fanatics and witchcult today.
  3. There seem to be too many things that sound the same or its like a 40 dollar import and i worry i wont listen that often so i wont buy it. I still buy some stuff in this realm but its died down. I also miss when there were labels and distros that had a ton and could grab a few at a time.
  4. i miss old STB. Cant tell you the last time they put something out that i cared about.
  5. So exact same story they just randomly put in more boss battles?
  6. Before I dive into Kingdom Hearts 3 i wanted to go back and play the first two as I remember so little from them. Can anyone comment on whats the deal with the remix versions? that seems to be the only way to play them on a modern console.
  7. Every single live record i buy i end up selling (except thin lizzy live and dangerous because that record is a banger) i really dont see the draw in them. Perhaps just a way for a band to put something out for a contractual obligation? I know conan has like 3 which is ridiculous.
  8. Damn that was quick. Grabbed the silver. Love this record and never wanted to splurge for an OG press. The more mf doom related stuff they can repress the better.
  9. Its the “i love the original so much you should not mess with it” mentality. Which i do get. I am with you though, alot of time and money is put into it and if it sucks i just wont take my time. So much content out there to waste on stuff that flat out isint good orjust not your thing.
  10. Any labels running black friday deals? relapse had one that was not super impressive compared to years past.
  11. It looks like there are some that arrived undamaged. If you make the cut they will ship those. If those sell out you will have to wait until janury when the new undamaged covers get in.
  12. So i have probably done like 8 -10 grab bags from them over the years. This is the second tjme they have pulled the double up game on me. Normally if i order 20 like 3 will be duplicates. They have been good about sending some bigger artists (zombi, windhand) and also some of their smaller artists that i dig but would never want to pay full price for. I got: Wrong- S/T Bastard Noise-Deaths Door Album Leaf-Between Waves Trur Widow-AVVOLGERE Ringworm-Sinking Church Nasum-shift Nasum-Human 2.0 Nasum-Helvete Lycus-Tempest Red Fang-Only Ghosts of these i own two (helvete /lycus) and cant stand two(red fang/bastard noise)
  13. Got my relapse grab bag in today (i ordered two). They sent me 2 of every record. Figured i may get one or two duplicates but not 10...
  14. I have done a ton of these relapse record grab bags. Have i got stuff i already had? Absolutely. Did i get garbage? Not at all.
  15. I have done a ton of these relapse record grab bags. Have i got stuff i already had? Absolutely. Did i get garbage? Not at all.
  16. This is fantastic news. Hopefully we can get some reissues of the other records too!
  17. I am looking forward to grabbing this but I will wait to find a US distort that has it. Not trying to wait for months and have no update on another release.
  18. That install took almost 3 hours. Love that there is just a discto install some of the game then serves no purpose.
  19. I remember nachtmystium was supposed to open a show i was at, maybe 8-10 years ago and he just did not show up to that as well. The headliner (i believe was boris) was just like yeah we dont know he didnt tell us anything. After that I was done with all things that band/label. What a bummer he is still a scumbag.
  20. Really digging the new domkraft record that came out today!
  21. Apparently red dead redemption 2 is a 100gb of storage space. Gonna have to buy an external hard drive for my ps4 just to clear up room!
  22. Dammit i was going to message you about that king khan and bbq and forgot and now looks like its sold. Free bump! Always super easy to work with and people should buy his stuff.