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  1. 5 minutes ago, rooks said:

    Appreciate it! Yeah, I've sampled a good majority of these, it's been a productive 3-4 weeks of running through stuff. Started out in Funeral Doom (which I love) and then moved into Doom\Stoner more broadly.

    You bet! 

    id check out mournful congregation, Tyranny and Loss as well if you have not already and dig the funeral doom stuff. 

  2. 5 hours ago, rooks said:

    On a ridiculous Stoner/Doom kick lately, I just can't shake it (and don't want to)


    Witch - Witch

    Monolord - Vaenir and Empress Rising (both Instrumental)


    Other recent stuff I've been listening to a lot and probably will try to buy soon...

    Khemmis - Everything

    Drown - Subaqeous

    Woods Witch - Sorrow. Anxiety. Depression.

    Electric Wizard - Dopethrone

    REZN - Calm Black Water

    REZN - Let It Burn

    Slow - VI - Dantalion

    Catacombs - In The Depths of R'lyeh

    Evoken - Hypnogogia

    Fostermother - Fostermother

    Golden Core - Fimbultyr


    Recommendations...offers to sell cheap variants...all are welcome :D

    Are you new to the genre or just looking to find more stuff? This thread (though very long) has a ton of great suggestions for lesser known releases. 

    Some things I would suggest:

    Acid King




    Buried at Sea



    Eagle Twin











    i could give a ton more but there is like 15 to start!

  3. 2 hours ago, floyd_z said:

    Pittsburgh must be the spot. I ordered a record three weeks ago and it went from Colorado Springs to Pittsburgh and has been there ever since.  I'm in MI


    I'm not complaining or anything.  I've just been assuming shit will probably take a month to arrive

    I live in Pittsburgh. My local post office employee told me we took on 5 other distribution centers that either got reduced or completely shut down . I had a record being sent to me that went from dallas to pittsburgh, then to boston and south carolina to come back to me. Took a few extra days but got here. They are just overwhelmed and stuff is probably going on wrong trucks or sitting for a few days since they are doing 6 times their usual work. 

  4. Migration Fest full line up. 
    Come to Pittsburgh and hang out dudes!


    Migration Fest III:

    Black Magnet
    Buried At Sea
    Couch Slut
    Falls of Rauros
    Immortal Bird
    Imperial Triumphant
    Kowloon Walled City
    Ruin Lust
    Spirit Adrift
    Thou and Emma Ruth Rundle
    Tomb Mold
    Witch Vomit
    Yellow Eyes


  5. 3 hours ago, birdwell said:

    was gifted some Elija Craig small batch last night...excited about digging in to it tonight

    That small batch is delicious. The small batch barrel proof is good as well but a strong one at 127 proof. I had one drink and let it sit for about a month and it mellowed it out a bit. 

  6. 3 hours ago, batman said:

    re: rare bottles, you're better off going to the hole in the wall spots that are off the beaten path. I've found some really good stuff just collecting dust on the shelf. and also, a lot of shops will hook you up if you're buying something else--if you're already buying an expensive bottle, ask if they've got anything else behind the counter. could get lucky!

    The problem about Pennsylvania is its state regulated so you have to go to “state stores” to get all liquor. Makes it almost impossible to find the really rare stuff.  When they do get their allotment for rare stuff they do auctions. Last month they auctioned off those rare buffalo trace bottles and had like 35k applicants for like 300 bottles or something insane. 

  7. 14 hours ago, MachoHommeRandallSauvage said:

    Blantons are relatively easy, but Weller has gotten harder and harder lately. (I actually don't love Blantons, so I'm not sure how hard it is to find anymore. Used to be pretty easy though.) I've cut down on buying lately because I've just about maxed out my liquor space, but I'll check next time I'm at my local joint.

    You da best. 

    the top of my bar is fully covered and have some extra bottles in the cabinets of the bar.  There is a “premium store” that opened a few blocks from my work so if the weather is nice ill go out occasionally and take a walk and see what they have.  You pretty much have to go there to get anything out of the ordinary. It has become dangerous...

  8. Bump this up!

    Been collecting some stuff as of late and building up an arsenal.

    just cracked my bottle of midwinter’s night dram which I am really enjoying. 

    there are things that are just not possible to find in PA state stores but easy to find everywhere else which is frustrating. if anyone stumbles across some blatons or weller and wants to hook a brother up let me know!


    also if people want to do a trade or sale of stuff lets get it going!

  9. 12 minutes ago, CaptainHerbalLife said:


    that’s sick. Relapse sale? Pretty sweet deal you got there. Almost got me copies from them as they had a hefty discount but was just lacking finance at that moment. Sort of good because for some reason HoF records don’t see too much play my turntable.


    Pontiak are fucking intense. Saw them at Roadburn one year. So sick. Even more awesome that theyre all brothers.


    Also, speaking of... two (or more!) unnamed Bongripper reissues going live through Burning World tonight. And FB interactions give me reason to believe that they might be Heroin and Hippie Killer

    Some live albums no one asked for and a reissue of hippie killer. They refuse to repress Heroin for some reason. 

  10. 2 hours ago, ScourgeOfWrath said:

    Yeah it was a total shit show at 8 AM CST this morning. Site crashed before the album even went up for pre-order. On top of that, one of their socials mentioned that they had transferred the web store to a "Virtual Personal Server" to handle the increased traffic of this particular pre-order. Ended up watching stock of both of the colored variants deplete on Bandcamp while the web store still wouldn't fucking load. Refreshed Bandcamp and they had added more copies for sale there so I had to jump on the splatter then. 


    Hey so besides this first world problem, Kuunpalvelus decided to repress 'Vigilia' and 'Ylistys' from Cosmic Church. They are being distributed exclusively at Amor Fati. 




    Gonna have to keep diggin' into those wallets, fellas.

    Those came out to 60 shipped in the US. Not too bad. 

  11. 21 hours ago, MachoHommeRandallSauvage said:

    They put on such a great show. You're gonna have so much fun!


    In somewhat related news, I saw Maiden the other night, and it was fucking incredible. If you guys get the chance to see them, it's worth the $100ish+ bucks it costs.

    Saw maiden a few weeks ago for the first time in probably a decade. Went “all out” and got GA. Was cool to be like 30 feet away. They are great at layering in the hits and some deep cuts you would not expect. 

  12. On 8/4/2019 at 8:40 PM, MachoHommeRandallSauvage said:

    Dammit Shabazz. I needed you to have Future Echo Returns and sell it to me! :P


    Also, you staying in the same area, or are you moving states? Inquiring minds want to know

    Sorry to let you down! I do have many others that are probably up your alley!


    staying in the same area. Just found a place with a bit more room. Who knew infants take up so much room for being so small...


    also thanks for the offers and messages thus far. Keep em coming!