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  1. so i got mine today....


    the cover was bent in half.  the records (one pink and one green)  were so warped it looked like someone put in the oven, threw back in the sleeve and mailed to me.  my wife was home today and got it like 2 minutes after the mail man came so cant blame it sitting in the sun at my house all day....


    messaged merchbar but doubt anything will come of it since they were a limited press....


    fucking pissed...

  2. 49 minutes ago, thebaucom said:

    I was getting ready to ask the same question.  I met up with a couple of guys through Dead Format at the 2nd Gilead Fest and we ended up keeping in touch and hanging out at the first Migration.  I have very few friends at home that are in to this type of music so it's always nice to meet like minded people at shows.  If anyone wants to grab some beers at some point let me know.

    I live in pittsburgh and will be there for the whole weekend with a friend.  Beers should be had!

  3. On 6/28/2018 at 12:16 AM, Ishtar said:

    Daaaaaamn. For real?! I've been looking for a decent priced copy of Horseback forever. Surprised I didn't see that deal (though I did just get the green Slomatics split in the mail from that recent repress.)

    Got these in yesterday and it was a white press of horseback and 1st press of the slomatics split on blue. Pretty pumped on both those!

  4. 5 hours ago, Bladewillisisdead said:

    Just had one of those four God Is an Astronaut albums from Canadian Amazon ship and then got another delay notice on the others.


    I know this was like 5 months ago but I know a few people grabbed them.

    Im supposed to have one show up today. One said the release was cancelled (which is incorrect) then two that are still In limbo. The one has a shipping window of july 1st to october 15th. So thats cool...

  5. years and years ago they used to be super fairly priced.  occasionally you would see something priced really strange but most of the time just a buck or two more expensive than from the actual label.  was happy to pay that so I could grab 4 or 5 items at one shipping cost.  now it seems they are running a sale every week because they are probably getting minimal orders and need to make sales. 

  6. from reports it was actually eric martin the guitarist who said it not fat mike.


     I saw them about a week and a half ago at punk n drublic and they did far less crowd banter.  I actually stopped listening when they weren't playing songs because I always grow very tired of them going on and on...  fat mike was so drunk he actually fell off the stage and cut open his hand.  guess he was more focused on that...

  7. So this band has a million releases and I am getting "fairly" close to having one of each (which is my goal).  


    Here are the ones I am looking for.  Let me know if you have them and are willing to part ways!  Would prefer to grab multiples in one order if possible but some are rarer than others so OK with grabbing those as a one off. 



    Coke Sucks Drink Pepsi


    Looking For Gold

    Year Of The Ox

    This Mother Forever

    Year Of The Dragon





    Epics In Minutes

    No Passaran BW Circling The Drain

    Two Snakes

    Dangerous Fumes

    Fucked Up Vs Think I Care (Zine not required but would be cool!)

    Hoxton C*nts

    Shop Assistants

    Dolly Mixture

    Daytrotter Sessions


    7" Splits:

    Fucked Up/ Hardskin Split

    Fucked Up/ Katie Stelmanis Split

    Fucked Up/ Sloan Split 

    Fucked Up / Dirtbombs Split 

    Fucked Up/ Yamantaka Sonic Titan split