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  1. FT: Marilyn Manson Antichrist Superstar HT Red. in excellent condition. played a few times. both left corners, top and bottom, are ever so slightly dinged, and a slight 1/4" seam split at the top. nothing too terrible. the cover was like that when i bought it. ISO Mars Volta - Deloused MOV Silver PLUS one of the following Mars Volta - Deloused MOV Black Frances the Mute Goliath 12" Promo Bedlam in Goliath Omar Rodriguez - Calibration Omar & John Frusciante Cizana de los Amores
  2. I love that Sargent House bands tour together. They have a lot of great bands on their roster. The only time I’ve seen Russian circles was a few months ago and they toured with Chelsea Wolfe. Both with full sets. Brutus opened for RC when they toured in Europe last year. Their new album is so damn awesome. I’m really digging it. They have one US date in Austin in nov, and I asked SH if that means there was plans to do a full tour in the US, and they said they said yes that they're still working on logistics and all that before announcing anything. So keep an eye out for that
  3. I saw Pertubator and Gost last night. Had never seen either and had missed both on separate occasions. So rad they played together and it was damn amazing. The crowd was so wild and rowdy and fun, for both, i had a freaking blast!! Nonstop energy
  4. Yeah seriously. It’s very annoying. Definitely takes away from the music, and it’s SO MUCH. Like every other track is dialogue. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if it was just a few. Hope they get rid of it
  5. Well the slipcase is a pretty cool bonus. Never listened to the sequels, just hope they get rid of all the dialogue in he first one. Haven’t 2&3 already been reissued? And still affordable? Never liked the idea of a bunch of pointless reissues when previous pressings are still easily obtainable
  6. I concur. It’s definitely a “nicer sounding” album, and a logical step forward for the band. But I don’t really dig it. I love he aggressive, intense stuff from sunbather and new Bermuda, this seemed too boring to me on first listen. Still like his vocal, but the music wasn’t doing it too much for me. Definitely did not like the opening track, honeycomb is rad, but the rest is just meh to me
  7. I’ve yet to hear the leak, want to wait for the proper release. I just saw them in Hollywood and the new songs sound super chill. Not as guitar driven as any of their other stuff. To me AM is definitely their weakest, and I hate suck it and see. AM is just too mainstream and I feel that’s when they got super huge and popular and every fan girl started wetting their pants over him, when I know for a fact they didn’t pay attention to him during favorite worst nightmare or humbug. I’ve loved them since I first heard them in high school when their first album came out. Crazy how popular they got after AM, I don’t expect them to their awesome old days, but I have hopes for this new one.
  8. Vault LPs never see a wide distribution (aside from Dead Weather, and Jack White solo albums that had the colored versions as the vault package) everything else has never been released outside of the vault. I would imagine this one to be the same case.