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  1. Daughters - you won’t get what you want memphisvinyl.com/downloads 4KL21 fucking love this album
  2. Yeah this is what I took from the interview as well. That they did an initial run for bedlam and it was supposed to end there. But that universal kept making more when they weren’t supposed to. i wonder what the deal is with Octahedron. That seems to still be currently in print with the black copies easy to come by.
  3. Yeah universal definitely found some loophole or something. MOV wasn’t to blame as they pressed it from what they believed was legally. They’re a legit pressing that don’t do bootlegs. When these came out I remember telling a friend who was close friends with the band about the new pressings, and his first reaction was they there’s no way this could’ve been possible since Omar has all the vinyl rights. So even this friend new about Omar having those rights and that universal was screwing them over and shouldn’t have been able to release those records.
  4. Yeah I don’t believe the contract is that clear cut. There must’ve been some gray area or loophole that universal took advantage of. Or else they wouldn’t just outright do what they did. but who knows. It was pretty fucked up though as the band didn’t get any money from it. Which is probably why they’re still so mad about it.
  5. If you have the silver MOV deloused, I’d be interested in buying. Maybe not right this minute since I just bought the box
  6. I have both, and I’ve always thought Frances sounds great. Never had any issues or complaints with the audio quality of that record. About 5 years ago there was another bootleg version of Frances that to me sounded great as well. Very on par with the OG and honestly couldn’t tell them apart. Great quality bootleg. I like the way Frances sounds. deloused on the other hand, the OG silver is not that great. It’s a picture disc so it’s super noisy. The MOV reissues from a few years ago are so much better quality. I don’t even listen to the OG anymore. There was an older bootleg as well that at
  7. I totally see where you’re coming from. I don’t normally buy bootlegs of albums that already exists. I’ll either hunt down a copy, or accept the fact that I’ll never own it. I do have a couple live bootlegs like iggy pop and other old punk bands, those are just cool to have. But in this specific case, I’m a huge Mars Volta lover, I didn’t know the quality of the record when I bought it although I wasn’t expecting much. But I’m on a personal mission to collect every piece of vinyl from Mars Volta and Omar solo, all variants and all bootlegs. Just to have, so that was my reason for buying it, I
  8. I bought mine on eBay for about $50 when they first started popping up a few months ago. And now they’re selling for like $100-150. Kinda ridiculous. The quality is not great, for starters the cover art looks terrible, super dark and no real definition in the dark areas, and the image is super pixelated. The sound quality is pretty bad too. It’s on a double LP instead of the original 2 and a half. It sounds super compressed and muffled. It’s not super super horrendous, but it’s not great. If you can find one for under $100 I’d say go for it. If not, don’t waste your money and instead save up a
  9. True true. I guess it would take a long while for them to have all the versions. I assumed they would have US distributors though, maybe not? There’s just so many different variants that keep popping up, would be cool to see them all before making a purchase in the event a more badass one comes up. It was just something I was thinking
  10. So the deal is that the band gets copies of every pressing for them to sale. Do you think they’ll put them all for sale at the same time? Would it be worth waiting for that after knowing of all the different variants available instead?
  11. Waxmage variant dropping Jan 4 for Teenage Gizzard https://m.facebook.com/nomadeelrecords/
  12. Yeah salty dog makes some awesome looking variants. I’ve never bought anything from them, but I’ve seen a lot of their records and they’re rad
  13. Salty Dog has a some pretty cool variants dropping tomorrow https://www.instagram.com/p/CJPkfKjBtCt/?igshid=1io3tr5vbb39i and Ethereal Groove supposedly has a wax mage variant dropping later today at 6est, according to someone on Instagram,
  14. https://m.facebook.com/Romanusrecords/ sorry don’t know how to get specific posts on here. But Romanus Records is doing a glow in the dark sand filled Teenage Gizzard. Along with a few other variants. They’ve done the LED light and the liquid filled variants of Polygon

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