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  1. I’ve yet to hear the leak, want to wait for the proper release. I just saw them in Hollywood and the new songs sound super chill. Not as guitar driven as any of their other stuff. To me AM is definitely their weakest, and I hate suck it and see. AM is just too mainstream and I feel that’s when they got super huge and popular and every fan girl started wetting their pants over him, when I know for a fact they didn’t pay attention to him during favorite worst nightmare or humbug. I’ve loved them since I first heard them in high school when their first album came out. Crazy how popular they got after AM, I don’t expect them to their awesome old days, but I have hopes for this new one.
  2. hxcoliver

    The Third Man Records Thread

    Vault LPs never see a wide distribution (aside from Dead Weather, and Jack White solo albums that had the colored versions as the vault package) everything else has never been released outside of the vault. I would imagine this one to be the same case.
  3. hxcoliver

    various download codes

    also grabbed Bully. thanks!!
  4. damn, does Everblack really sell for over $100?!
  5. So this new album is pretty much leftover songs from the previous 4 correct?
  6. Yeah it gets to be a bit much, especially the last third. Which sucks because the music in that album is so wild and awesome. I fucking love the altered beast/altered me segment. So good! I’ll be one of the few (if not the only one) that likes this better than Brunswick. Not digging that album at all. Polygon is really awesome. Although I wish it had another song or two in the same vein as crumbling castle. Love the energy on that song, definitely the best song on the album for me
  7. Nonagon Infinity is damn amazing. The album that turned me onto them. Definitely check that out. All of their stuff is on Bandcamp
  8. hxcoliver

    The Mondo Records Thread - Show Posts Anyway?

    Ooohhh that would be nice. Hell I’d take the Amber jacket with black records. Or even just the jacket by itself
  9. Shit, guess I should pay more attention to the record sleeve. I appreciate the response.
  10. Oh ok thanks. I thought I had read that all 5 this year were going to be. But I’m probably wrong. We’re they used on Murder?
  11. Is they playing their microtonal instruments onrgis one as well? Sorry not sure how to tell. Were all 5 albums released this year supposed to be using their microtonal instruments?
  12. When did you see them? The first time I ever saw them was when bedlam came out. Wish I could’ve caught them during frances or amputechture. Deloused is so pricey still, even the MOV presses from a few years ago sell for about a hundred or more. Fucking ridiculous. There are literally thousands of copies out there
  13. At least this one will have a different variation on the cover. And wax mage variants are always pretty badass
  14. For you wax mage lovers out there, here’s 2 variants pressed by them. https://www.jettplasticrecordings.com/collections/featured/products/king-gizzard-the-lizard-wizard-polygondwanaland-lp https://nomadeelrecords.bandcamp.com/album/polygondwanaland
  15. http://needlejuicerecords.com/product/polygondwanalandlp/ originally i had read this and it said 250, then someone mentioned they raised it to 500, now it’s saying there’s a 1000. A little weird, it’s be super fucking annoying if this was any other record, but considering there’s gonna be like 100 different versions of this, who cares how limited they are from one specific label or not. This is the cheapest option out there and it’s 180g hell of a deal. I’m probably going with the VC version and Greenway