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  1. Sorry, don't realize this place was an exercise in formal writing. The content of this thread got me all discombobulated. My apologies to you all for the creative use of type to separate my thoughts, and apologies to myself for the wasted minutes even replying again. If it makes it any clearer: while at the same time admitting the whole 'classics', 'biggest bands', and 'best' are subjective, to that whole statement of them being pushed more than any other groups as the reason they (and others) are considered the cream of the crop: Nope.
  2. it's not surprising your reading comprehension is as basic and simple as the b.s. you spout around here...
  3. jpc de shows a Feb 18th release date. The pre-order is at 29 euros, so about 34-35 usd, but I would guess that the U.S. price would be similar in relative dollars, so maybe in the 25 to 30 usd range when they start popping up for order.
  4. while admitting the whole 'classics', 'biggest bands', and 'best' are subjective..... ^^==to that whole statement that them being pushed more than any other groups is the reason they (and others) are considered the cream of the crop: Nope.
  5. uh, yea... those are the classics ONLY BECAUSE they were forced down the worlds throats so many years
  6. I was super disappointed/worried when Vol 4 was announced as only available at US shows, so psyched its in the shop. I was further worried about if it would be available on the European tour where I'll see him, and may have gone crazy waiting three months to see... Ordered day of announcement, got a shipping confirmation today! yay
  7. I'd call myself a die-hard fan, so can't pick to just one favorite album or song... really do love (nearly) everything, but the Mollusk really was a whole'nuther level. I just recently came across this article, an interesting history of this time period: https://www.stereogum.com/1951136/weens-the-mollusk-turns-20-an-oral-history-by-mickey-melchiondo/franchises/the-anniversary/
  8. it kind of sucks that Plain reissues some of their stuff Stateside, and Schnitzel does some of their stuff for UK (EU), because it would be nice to have them both doing the full catalogue to get better pressing choices. The Plain releases I have, while not as dire as some make them out to be, are not as good as the Schnitzel releases.
  9. damb , when did Shinola go out of print and the price jump so high? I think I have an extra copy shoved in one of my crates somewhere... would rather a Vol 2///
  10. Ah yes, green hell, I've ordered from them before. I've seen good deals from spacehall records on eBay, but never tried them directly. Dodax, Mecodu, and some others are all the same overstock group I think. Usually cheap even coming from Switzerland Any ideas on shops that specialize or have lots of 'unoffical' releases? I've been trying to find the Pink Floyd extraction tapes and some of the recent Nirvana stuff... Getting some good options here...
  11. Because this is the second time I have pre-ordered (and once on a regular order that showed in stock) a record that showed 'in stock' and ready to ship (on release day), and then on the day of release it went to back order, I am looking for suggestions on German (or European) online shops that reliably have a large and varied stock. I usually use jpc.de as they have free shipping (in Germany) and a pretty good selection. But this is the second time a pre-order did not arrive on-time. I still recommend them as best. hhv.de is also pretty good. Lots more stock, and rarities. some u

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