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  1. Love it too but do I need another past my OG?
  2. spectrum

    Limited to One Record shop, NYC

    So let me get this straight: you have an issue with the idea of grabbing all of the wall records in NYC record shops and placing them under one roof at fair prices? Are you so naive to think that if I walk into a local store with my copy of Washed Out's Life of Leisure, their first record on purple, trade it in, that the store is going to sell it at like $15? They are going to look it up in Discogs and price it accordingly. Maybe you would buy it, maybe you wouldn't - but you wouldn't think twice about the store selling it. But now because a store is limiting its stock to just records like that one you take offense? Please, go out and be productive today.
  3. spectrum

    New York Record Stores/Venues

    I know the Limited to One guy and he has a crazy collection - I can only imagine the titles he will have there for sale - I'll be there early 7/29 to get first dibs on stuff... can't wait!
  4. spectrum

    Pixies Live

  5. True, the only difference is if Demon Days were black they would have lost a very select few who already own it (myself included). The exclusive color way makes it enticing to everyone
  6. Third Man is pressing Kick out the Jams for their store in Detroit so a full reissue of their catalog isn't far off
  7. spectrum

    PO NOW: David Bowie - No Plan EP

    Keep in mind if you bought the Lazurus soundtrack all those songs are already on it - and on white vinyl if you got the Barnes and Noble version
  8. Got mine. Sounds great. Packing left a bit to be desired.
  9. Pretty sure this will see a regular release with just a different jacket, in white as the original.
  10. a boot, that seems to gather broadcast performances: http://www.soundstagedirect.com/metallica-ultimate-roots-vinyl-records.shtml
  11. spectrum

    PO Now: Blind Melon - Soup - Reissue

    HELL YES!! Ordered, thanks!
  12. I've wanted to order but the whole log in thing was always a barrier for me. Not sure how it is now. But if I could 'check out as guest' and pay via PayPal so my shipping info is automatically loaded I'd buy a ton of stuff. Also maybe offer SMS alerts for when stuff goes on sale?
  13. spectrum

    Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool

    No tax and free shipping through BullMoose... plus you earn BM points
  14. spectrum

    PO now TAD reissues

    Yep easy order for me too despite owning the OGs