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  1. Hatte to be this guy but was out all day and missed the colour Flats. Suckssss! I'm trying to keep my full press collection going. Anyone order a double or willing to part with theirs when they get? Would be hugely appreciative
  2. How much are you looking for that RBF turn the radio off record?
  3. Is that astpai split the recent pressing or the first one?
  4. Dat bump with photo thus far. Still looking for: Cavalcade (Puke Colour) The Great Awake (Green) Dead Language (Fat Store Exclusive center label) Astpai Split Black on Printed cover/40 and 1st press on Orange Cynics on Yellow Caskets Full Store Exclusive black and white Half Red/Half Blue and Blue/Red Swirl of the Snips split And any 12"s and 10"s and 7"s they could be associated with and tests. Come on ya'll, make my xmas!
  5. Got mine in today too with LTJ's new one. It's nicely done! But my A sides having a lot of skips to the point that I haven't even played B, C or D side cause I'm afraid of damaging it more. Gonna send an Email to Fat too.
  6. It's going pretty decently! I'm stoked on what I have but I'm still a bit a ways from being done! Always looking though! Thanks!
  7. 12"s: The Great Awake (Green) Cavalcade (Yellow) Dead Language (Black, which I'm sure I'll just pick up at a store) Dead Language (Fat Record Store Center Label) Then still on the fence about getting comps too. 7"s: Caskets Full ( -__- ) Cynics (Maroon) CMJ Exclusive Split Beau's All Natural Brewing Company Comp (Pink) Snips Split: Half Red/Half Blue Red/Blue Splatter Red/Blue Swirl Clear with Blue Blob Clear with Blue Splatter Astpai Split: Yellow (1st Press/European Tour) Black (Screen Print cover, #/40) And I think (really hope) that'
  8. Update: If anyone cares haha. Got more in from great helpers! Thanks to them! Still missing a handful but just like Senses Fail I'm Still Searching.
  9. No record costs 100$. This is exactly what scares me about doing this. It rattles me that a 7" can be 50$ and 1 record can be 100$. People need to realize that they can make a profit while still keeping a fair price. It's a record, not a Taylor Swift ticket. Nothing to you I appreciate the help though man!
  10. I'm looking to buy your Flatliners records! Looking to complete a collection, help me out! Looking for anything not in this picture. Live in Canada but willing to go the extra cash for shipping. Prefer buying but take a look and we could work something out. Thanks! http://deadformat.net/tradelist/Alberto
  11. Same hereeeee. I'm actually so mad and now It's gone:( Putting the Tony Sly trib in my cart now then gonna see if I can snag the Fat splatter without the same thing happening....
  12. Hey still got that flats split? I'm in Canada would love it and possibly anatomy of if your not aiming too high.
  13. I'm also horribly new to this and don't know how to put a pic up without the link showing up. But I tried. The records look beautiful im so excited for mine and if the flats come around your areas see them! Best no barricade band!

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