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  1. Gave this a full listen this morning. It’s incredible. I don’t think it really sunk in for me how special this release was until I listened to it front to back. Frank and Tony playing on this is very noticeable. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a band release a “new” record that sounded so close to their roots. It’s really cool that they aren’t trying to mimic a past sound or feel, but that it is a past sound and feel. It’s a perfect pre-cursor to ..College. During the first listen Grudge and Lullaby really stuck out to me. This will be in heavy rotation for me for a long time. 

  2. 46 minutes ago, highfives said:

    I think I remember BC alluding to the initial price being lower than what the next one will be.  But I can't imagine the black press will be more expensive, especially if they're doing more than the purple 1st press.

    For Cyr, I think that album will benefit from a lot of time and distance.  It's challenging, but in a lot of the wrong ways (lyrically, thematically, diversity, length, etc.).  However, I think once enough time has passed and all expectations have been removed, it will be viewed more favorably than it has been.  

    Yeah, you may be right. Ive been skimming it today and there are some (very few) silver linings. Theres something there with the chorus in Wrath. Parts of Dulcet in E. Starrcraft is decent by this records standards. Here and there I hear something that moves me slightly, but I really have to dig. I think it’s just a very flat,  mono-toned record that lacks dynamics and guts. Its full of cheese and is completely saturated with synth. There’s nothing tasteful about it. It’s frustrating that this band has 3 incredibly bad ass guitar players and one of the best rock drummers that has ever lived and they have a record that sounds like Cyr. I guess I’m being selfish, but I just want them to kick out the jams. They try on Wyttch, but I think it’s pretty lack luster, but at least it kicks it up a notch for a minute. I’m not asking for another Siamese dream or Mellon collie, or anything, but it would be nice to hear what I love about this band on a record again, which is the ability to pick you up and beat the shit out of your ears for a while, then lay you down, patch you up, and sing you to sleep (without the overuse of synths and emphasizing the incredible talent of everyone in the band). I’m done. I’ll probably love the record 5 years from now. 

  3. 24 minutes ago, highfives said:

    Did you miss the first archival release?  Because it wasn't cheap.

    No I saw it, but could not justify pulling the trigger on it. I don’t even know if it’s gatefold. If it had a book-like spine jacket with a lot of pictures and extensive liner notes or something then maybe. I’m ust being optimistic, but hopefully they’ll lower the price on a standard release on black vinyl for the archival stuff. Not too worried about it. I just really want Machina. I’ll pay whatever. I hope the artwork is sweet. I really really like the artwork for Machina l and ll. 

  4. I’m still surprised at how bad the entirety of Cyr is. The pumpkins have been my favorite band since I was a kid and I’ve always found something on all of their releases to enjoy up until now. To each their own. I’m glad some people are digging it and I’m glad they’re still making music, but I just can’t bring myself to listen to it. That said, I’m super pumped for the Machina release and the live stuff as well. Hopefully the archival stuff isn’t astronomically expensive. 

  5. On 2/21/2021 at 12:50 AM, heron182 said:

    So who has unreleased songs or are they on YouTube??


    ^ Thats the only unreleased song I know of. I don’t know for sure, but I believe it was a demo for the IWK follow up that was supposedly going to be titled “Thriller”. It’s a doozie. I’ll always wonder what that record would have been like. Insanely good I’m sure. 


  6. I also gave both records a wet clean before listening. Feels like you is visibly warped, but sounds fine. Pops and cracks on the piano opener, but not as bad throughout. Still doesn’t sound quite as good as the original pressing, but it’s no doozie either.


    Distressor looks and sounds fine. Jackets on both were in great shape.

  7. 12 hours ago, jhulud said:

    Just wanted to come in and post that I stumbled upon The Fleeting Joys and I am completely enamored with their sound. So good. Can't believe they never came across my radar. 



    Well shit. Saw this and checked it out and now I’m all over it. I’ve only listened to Speeding Away to Someday, but holy shit it’s great. I’ve heard them mentioned and thought I had checked them out before, but was mistaken. Anyone heard about a repress for any of their records? Really want Speeding Away..

  8. I got this record in much sooner than I expected. Got it last Friday and have had a chance to listen to it multiple times. I’ve been streaming it since it came out, but putting it on the table, cranking it up, and just taking it in has been a completely different experience. The record is so warm and thick and generally just sounds insanely great. Heavier than any other HUM record. I love this album and can really find no wrong in it. It’s a great record to put on for an escape. I especially love how it sounds like they picked up right where they left off with Downward is Heavenward. 

  9. I have the /1000 royal blue smoke, magenta, etc..The pops on side 2 song 1 are only for about half the song maybe a little less, but are loud and consistent. The rest is great. Not a huge deal, but I think relapse may be sending a replacement. If not I can deal. I had the same thing happen on a Dino Jr. Reissue of Without a Sound. Had my local shop replace it twice and all three copies had the same issue through half of track 1 side 1. 

  10. After one listen, I can already say this is my favorite Nothing album. It sounds great, much much better than Dance on the Blacktop. I also think it’s more dynamic than Guilty Of Everything. The guitars sound killer too and the clean/distorted distinction packs a lot of punch. I obviously still need to dive in deeper, but so far I love it. 


    The record itself and packaging looks great. I do have pretty noticeable pops in the beginning of song 1 side B. Other than that it sounds amazing. 

  11. 1 hour ago, dantheriver said:

    Nah not really. I have a spin clean or whatever but rarely use it. I just pump a ton of money into the hobby and then don’t even take it seriously. I’m pretty weak.

    I guess I am too. Those spin cleans look sweet, but for old, dirty records I pick up, I just use dawn and water. It works well enough if the record is just slammed with dirt. 


    Apparently my copy is out for delivery and is not arriving late. Pumped! 

  12. 10 hours ago, dantheriver said:

    My deluxe is pretty poppy towards the end of each side. To be fair I haven’t done shit but run an anti static brush over it though.

    Do you ever do anything more than that? Genuinely curious, because that’s all I do with new records. 

    On the topic, my record was supposed to be here today but is “Arriving late”. Very ready to jam this. Might break down and listen to it tomorrow before it gets here. 

  13. 3 hours ago, Scruffy...the janitor said:

    I wish I could get into new music from this band. 1372 Overton Park was the last passable album for me. I'm happy y'all are happy though.

    I feel similar, but I also enjoyed among the ghosts. Some really great tunes on that record. I just didn’t dig the Memphis blues thing they had going for a while, but it was awesome they experimented with it. 


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