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  1. Bladewillisisdead

    What books are you reading?

    IT is kinda rough. Makes sense he wrote it at probably the height of his addiction. I read it like 20 years ago so I don't remember it in too much detail though.
  2. Bladewillisisdead

    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    I called the scene police and you're banned from Emo Nite
  3. Bladewillisisdead

    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    No matter what happens it's going to be a shit show and everyone loses.
  4. Bladewillisisdead

    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    I'm also gonna be honest, at least a few if not several hundred of those upvotes came from shit posting in Brand New threads.
  5. Bladewillisisdead

    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Oh shit. I had a speech prepared and everything. I appear to have misplaced it. Everyone who sends me $1 will get mailed a copy when I find it.
  6. Bladewillisisdead

    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Noooo my bad penis joke is ruined
  7. Bladewillisisdead

    WTB: The Acacia Strain Merch

    This doesn't help you at all but I bought that Eat Shit and Live shirt from them for like $5 back in the day. My mom threw it out. That one is seriously old school (2004ish) so good luck, that might be tough.
  8. Bladewillisisdead

    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Maybe don't play a venue called "Wang Theater" when you've admitted to inappropriately showing your dick?
  9. Bladewillisisdead

    The official Horror fan topic

    I'm really stoked for it. Super jealous I didn't get to meet Murray though. A little sad I've never run into Jarmusch down there (I'm a little further upstate) but I know a bunch of people who have. None of them have approached him....because yeah, I wouldn't approach Jim Jarmusch.
  10. Bladewillisisdead

    New Orleans suggestions?

    My tour guide was a giant dude who used to be a bouncer at hardcore/metal shows. So I would have been confident of my survival odds...assuming I wasn't the first to die.
  11. Bladewillisisdead

    The official Horror fan topic

    I really disliked Calibre. Just didn't do anything for me. Doesn't earn it's slowburn pace and the pay off is "meh" I really liked the First Purge though. I've still never seen the original, but all of the sequels have been a lot of fun. They aren't exactly "good" movies, but they're solid modern B-movie with a strong throwback vibe without feeling like it's trying too hard. They're basically Assault on Precinct 13/Escape from NY Carpenter worship. Their social commentary is about as subtle as a brick to the face, but I'm a Paul Verhoven fan...so... Unrelated: Jim Jarmusch is filming a zombie movie with Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, Steve Buscemi, and a bunch of others in Upstate NY right now. My girlfriend's dad ran into Bill Murray at his golf club.
  12. Bladewillisisdead

    New Orleans suggestions?

    Craft beer? Just drink straight liqour in the street. I ate so much amazing food when I was there, but I couldn't tell you were I got like any of it. Because, well...I was drinking straight liqour in the street. They're kinda silly, but the "haunted" walking tours are fun. It's a cool way to see some shit and hear some local history and murder stories.
  13. Bladewillisisdead

    PO Soon: Daughters

    Ugh, I need Canada Songs and I'm dumb for not picking it up when it was easy to find. Luckily I have Hell Songs and S/T at least. They added a second Brooklyn show and I want to go so bad...but I hate driving/parking in NYC.
  14. Bladewillisisdead

    PO: Good Charlotte - Generation Rx

    Nah, if it wasn't for her and Cameron Diaz's money the Madden bros probably would have been churning out way more trash the last decade.
  15. Bladewillisisdead

    PO: Toad the Wet Sprocket - Fear & Dulcinea

    Cool, I really want Dulcinea but not for $50.