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  1. Can't decide whether I want to pre-order now, or wait to buy one when I see them next month.
  2. I've been looking for this split for a long time now, it's the last thing I need for my Thrice collection (before I dive into buying variants.) Possibly open to trades as well, depending on the record. https://deadformat.net/tradelist/MattBastoslol
  3. MattBastosLol

    PO: Thrice - Beggars Repress

    Just got both. I have a problem. Lol
  4. MattBastosLol

    FS: Thrice stuff

    I've been looking for Beggars foreverrrrrrr. PM'd
  5. MattBastosLol

    FS: Thrice first presses

  6. MattBastosLol

    Recent purchases

    Did you happen to go to the Backtrack Record Release this past weekend? The /100 record release LP's look sick
  7. MattBastosLol

    Recent purchases

    This week: Thrice - All That's Left 7" (Imported from the UK, took months for one to show up online) Thrice - The Alchemy Index & I ordered Linkin Park - Meteora 2xLP from Shopradiocast, so I'm guessing it's black.
  8. MattBastosLol


    Converge - Axe To Fall http://www.amazon.com/Axe-Fall-Vinyl-Converge/dp/B002Q4RLH8/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1389219378&sr=8-3&keywords=converge+vinyl Much respect Haze!
  9. MattBastosLol

    Recent purchases

    It sounds great man. Repress is 180g. Not sure what the original first pressing was.
  10. MattBastosLol

    Recent purchases

    This week I bought: Thrice - All That's Left 7" UK Import Rise Against - Siren Song Of The Counter Culture Hopefully picking up Thrice's The Alchemy Index in a little over a week.
  11. I am also from NJ, and I went to Willowrbooke Mall in Wayne today, and my friend working there told me that they have not yet received it. I snagged a copy of Siren Song Of The Counter Culture instead.
  12. MattBastosLol

    FS A bunch of stuff! Plus lots of freebies

    Ughh, I wish you posted this before I bought Lowtalker on purple.