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  1. the forums were acting weird last night. maybe that is why their message posted 4x lol
  2. If someone buys it on here before I get a bid, then I sell it here. If someone bids there before anyone buys it here, I sell it there. It's pretty simple...
  3. Unlikely it would happen at the exact same time like that. Whereever I sell it first, I'll take it off of the other site. It isn't a conspiracy.
  4. Hey everyone. I posted a large tradelist a little awhile ago but I thought a better approach would be to focus on one or two items at a time so that way I don't get overwhelmed and lose track of messages/offers/etc. One of the 'big' items I am looking to sell is my Deftones: The Vinyl Collection #343/1000. The records are mint condition, the case + sleeves are near-mint. If you are interested, PM me and I can provide as many pictures as you'd like. I am looking to get $275 PPD for this item. Thank you for reading! Mike
  5. @dannychang, sorry! I was typing fast and I guess I mixed it up. Thanks for letting me know @biodigitaljazz, Understood.
  6. Interested in Against Me! - The Original Cowboys (blue vinyl) Against Me! - Total Clarity (2xLP, orange / white)
  7. If you're not comfortable buying/trading with me based on one single piece of negative feedback on eBay (which btw, there's more of a story behind it than what the buyer said but in the end he filed the claim before I could ship the item) then by all means, don't. I've sold a lot more than 7 items but not everyone leaves feedback and eBay only shows the last 30 or 60 days of history in terms of how many items you've sold. I can't control that. We're talking about selling/trading records here, there isn't exactly a goldmine of money exchanging hands here to entice someone to commit fraud, which is a prosecutable crime. Ultimately, I'm not here to rip anyone off. I collect records as a hobby and that includes trading/selling. If you don't want to buy/trade with me, you don't have to but you don't have to downgrade my posts and be condescending.
  8. I have an ebay account, that's really it. Also, doesn't PayPal have built-in scam protection if you don't use the 'gift' function? http://www.ebay.com/usr/transatlantic062013 There's 1 negative review, which was an oversight on my part but the rest are positive.
  9. Fixed https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AonRUXy_54Y6dFNlLXhJejRBdWlOWkhPbWY4dkdmRXc&usp=sharing
  10. I'll try and fix it. Never used Google docs before. Who am I?
  11. Below is a link to my collection. Pretty much everything on it is available for trade and I'd consider selling them too but I'd prefer to trade. Let me know if anything interests you and thanks for looking! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AonRUXy_54Y6dFNlLXhJejRBdWlOWkhPbWY4dkdmRXc&usp=sharing#gid=0
  12. @cardboardfuneral, TRYED is actually spelled T R I E D. You tried though. Also, ITS should be IT'S because you meant to say 'it is.'
  13. Thank you for the link though! I didn't realize that it was still available retail.
  14. I'm not too picky on which pressing. I'm not sure that I have anything you'd want...most of what I have is alt-rock, indie-rock and metal.
  15. As the title indicates, I'm looking for the 3xLP Low Level Owl set. Buy it or trade for it. Let me know!
  16. You will. They have already passed legislation to guarantee the pay of active duty military throughout the shutdown. Even the VA is funded a FY in advance so retirees will collect their pentions.
  17. I have one but it's a $999 camera...would hae to be an epic trade...
  18. Hey, I have the following: 'Ø Disambiguation' Deluxe 12inch Vinyl (Picture Disc) LITSOS' Limited Edition 7inch Vinyl (UK Import 'Farewell' Limited Edition 7inch Vinyl I am looking to trade more than sell.....do you have anything you'd trade for them?
  19. Interested in all of the Jimmy Eat World. I'm not sure what a good offer is. Could anyone help me out with what would be fair? Kind of new to the scene...
  20. You said make an offer. I did. If you put actual prices I would probably pay what you listed them for rather than play the 'did you hit the magic number in my head yet' game.

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