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  1. Yea, I haven't done much buying/selling so far. I bought a Say Anything record from someone a few days ago but they didn't leave any feedback
  2. For Sale: Prices are PPD A New Found Glory: From the Screen to Your Stereo 10" - (Sealed/Mint) $20 A New Found Glory: Sticks and Stones Limited Blue Variant (0107/2000) $25 A New Found Glory Joystick Picture Variant (Small tear in plastic sleeve) (1044/2000): $20
  3. Yea, I'm going to have to pick it up despite the cost. Then all I'll need is Futures and I'll have a Jimmy Eat World collection.
  4. oh snap! that would it the one. I didn't even know it was still available retail. I saw all the ebay actions for $70+ and figured it was OOP. Thanks!!
  5. Kind of a shot in the dark but if anyone has the 69 Love Songs set by the Magnetic Fields I'm looking to buy. Also looking for the 4x LP version of In Your Honor by Foo Fighters and the 3x LP colored Jimmy Eat World Bleed American set.
  6. I'll give you $45 for the Blink-182 if no one buys it for $60.
  7. mae - Destination: Beautiful - Navy/White Swirl /200 (1st Press) - $25.00 Brand New - Your Favorite Weapon - Blue /500 - $45.00 Interested in these two! Still avilable?
  8. Looking to buy 2x tickets to the Pearl Jam show in Baltimore MD on October 27, 2013. Looking for Floor, 100 rows or possibly 200 rows. Also interested in buying the following Pearl Jam vinyl: No Code, Yield, Riot Act, Live on Two Legs, 20 Soundtrack.
  9. I didn't think that I was being dishonest. There are lists on E-Bay that have BIN for $200 or more. Even on E-Bay mine is significantly cheaper and on here I planned on selling it for less.
  10. For a day. Then I dropped it signifcantly lower. BIN is always wishful thinking anyway. The bid was only $50.
  11. I follow you now. Sounds up my alley.
  12. Interested in all rancid, ataris and against me. Which are left and how much for all?

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