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  1. also, I have a copy of 10 songs by I hate myself. It works but it has a scratching noise throughout the entirety of the record. it's greyish purple. not sure if anyone is interested but I got refunded after I bought it and I don't know what to do with it.
  2. selling some records empire! empire! - when the sea became a giant 10 inch black touche amore - is survived by (transparent blue swirl ??) tawny peaks - s/t (red splatter) i wrote haikus - discography??? untitled 1-12 (black) you'll live - above the weather (seafoam green) dowsing - it's still pretty terrible (black) reservoir - i heard you as i walked away (yellowish with black spots) i can take pictures if you're interested, let me know. need da money. some 7 inchez lovechild - in heaven errything is fine - trans yellow radiator hospital - can you feel my heart beating - black cerce stressca
  3. Hey! Pretty new here and I'm trying to get some money together to help pay some bills. If a price isn't marked i'm absolutely clueless and i'll take offers. 7"s Teen Suicide - Goblin Problems (1st press, white) ($20) Joie De Vivre, The Please&Thank Yous,EmoSideProject split (1st press, oxblood (red with black tones)) ($7) Empire! Empire!, Annabel, Joie De Vivre, The Reptilian Split (2nd press, purple) ($8) Old Gray - Everything I Let go & the Things I Refuse to (1st press, transparent red) ($13) cerce (2nd press, pink) ($12) swear jar (1st press, trash grey) ($8) twiabp - josh is de
  4. gonna bump this and let everyone know that i'm ending it tonight.
  5. I'm auctioning/selling my TS collection! (Ends Sunday, the 25th at 9:30PM) This collection consists of Goblin Problems 7" (White /100) Hymns 7" LATHE (/30) (drawn cover, it's got some trees and stuff it's pretty neat) Current Offer - $200 I Will Be My Own Hell Because There Is A Devil Inside My Body (Mixed / 100) (looks like vomit it's great) - $25 Taking offers on any of these. This is my first time posting, please bare with me.

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