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  1. this was announced in July, more info can be found here in the press release https://www.spin.com/2019/07/prefab-sprout-album-ressiues-vinyl-lp/ and their webstore might have more info on variants + worldwide shipping options https://prefabsprout.tmstor.es/ *edit* doesn't seem Andromeda Heights is on their webstore (yet), would be very curious to see if it goes up!
  2. yeah, isn't the Domino purple the same as the general "indie" variant? Domino only can call theirs an exclusive because it has the extra 7" i think.
  3. i guess ultimately time will tell but i'm curious what prompted you to think this! i feel like Rocket was criticized, especially among more longstanding fans, for indulging too much in "country" stylings and for meandering a lot in the arrangements. this one feels way more forceful and cohesive of a statement, and more of a synthesis of his older stuff standards with his newer experimental direction towards country & heavy electronica. but maybe you have a different perspective.
  4. yiiiikes, couldn't make it halfway through. had a polar opposite reaction to the first single, so this will be an interesting album to hear in full.
  5. just cuz Andy Ngo has one doesn't mean these ppl do. @MachoHommeRandallSauvage's critique wasn't unkind or self-pitying, and perhaps more importantly, pretty spot-on. also nothing says definitely not mad online like replying 3 whole days after the fact lmao
  6. can you or someone else familiar with MOV releases tell me whether these end up being sold by MOV directly? seems at a glance that they just distribute (in Europe only?)... would love to get one of these firsthand in the USA.
  7. Have you tried asking your store to order you a copy? Or inquiring with the issuing label/artist? It's hardly unreasonable that N. American stores don't have limited EU pressings in stock. Not sure you're gonna get any great insight from an online forum beyond that.
  8. semi-related: when you request a return from Amazon and get a replacement but eventually give up, do you get your original purchase amount back? considering sending back yet another LP, damaged in transit, that was meant to be the replacement copy for an original that was damaged in transit (improper packaging, the luck of the Amazon vinyl draw i guess) and on the orders page the "refund" credit is showing up as $0.00... is that misleading, or do i need to get on the phone with someone at Amazon to get my money back?
  9. Kranky is reissuing Grouper's AIA series (Dream Loss & Alien Observer) on separate black vinyl LPs, street date 10/25 Currently only seem to be up through Grouper's Bandcamp https://grouper.bandcamp.com/album/a-i-a-dream-loss https://grouper.bandcamp.com/album/a-i-a-alien-observer Shipping is $5 per LP ordered, which is a bummer. Maybe that'll get tweaked down the line though.
  10. i mean i imagine there are only two being flipped because there aren't many more than two Spartan releases worth flipping lol. and of course there's only one copy of each up at a time b/c supply/demand. i'm ultimately not trying to suggest this guy is flipping a bunch of his stock, or even personally assuming it. but the fact is it's totally something you could infer from the situation. it kinda looks "shady" and ppl in the vinyl world of all niche hobbies definitely have a BS detector like few others haha. tl;dr i get that running a label is a tough business but at least have the respect for your customer base to flip em under a screenname lol.
  11. Add $5 for shipping (US only) + goods/services fee. More than happy to knock a couple bucks off for multiples, just ask! As Cities Burn - Come Now Sleep (1st press, clear) $22 Broken Social Scene - Hug of Thunder (black) $15 Acceptance - Colliding by Design (maroon) $8 Circa Survive - The Amulet (half black, half clear w/blue splatter) $13 Freelance Whales - Diluvia (black) $25 Matt Pond PA - Winter Lives (white) $8 Orchid Tapes - Radiating Light Compilation (blue) $10 Blonde Redhead - Barragan (black) $12
  12. here's hoping 4 a cassette tape issue too *ducks*
  13. as promised! glad to finally have this one, hoping for represses of Stairway, Patience, and Phrases are soon to follow. preferably all at once
  14. i think there are a lot of erstwhile DCFC fans would say this has already been the case for a good 10-15 years already haha
  15. i'm gonna go out on a limb here and say assessing DIY bands by their (small) festival draw is akin to judging racecars by their highway mileage.
  16. loooll fair, but it's honestly more "cared," not "care." especially after that trash fire of an album. perhaps you don't know many lapsed/recovered 2000s youth group or "scene" kids, but that band was ubiquitous in both circles for close to a decade.
  17. i mean can you even base that conjecture on anecdote? or observation (for example: "looks like they've been picking up new fans from it")? i've run into a few strident defenders of the record on the internet (to be clear, not ppl who are just defending the band/the right of artists to sling crap at the wall, but who dig the album) but literally everyone i know personally in my circles (lets say like 3 dozen ppl, ages ~18-45) who have at one point been fans of the 'Oath were pretty put off by it and worse. which may skew heavy towards the dislike side, but certainly nothing to suggest 80% of ppl hearing the album liking it...
  18. this is shaping up to be the kind of album i will at least stream out of longstanding interest in the artist making it but won't dare to preorder. deeply anticlimactic/unmoving stuff for me, hoping it'll work in the album context a bit more convincingly.
  19. grabbed both tapes!! was kinda bummed to have missed the flash OLG tape run from a while back and super glad i didn't go to discogs for one haha
  20. got myself 9 rekkids for $60 before tax my tip to y'all is get on the Difference Engine (incredible, unsung 90s shoegaze) & Willamette (incredible ambient compositions a la Stars of the Lid) LPs still hanging around there also a lot of finnish / swedish / german imports, super neat to see