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  1. in for a blue Pet Grief, scooped the Just So! Lesser Matters repress too since I didn't have a copy yet. on pins and needles for a color run of Clinging to a Scheme....
  2. yeah good idea, i may do that. i usually go for my favorite color scheme over the most "limited" or scare pressing, gotta decide if that's pink/purple or clear/blue
  3. another pressing/(variant?) announced today (possibly also for regular-ass distro): 1x translucent pink, 1x translucent purple. 1000 copies again. seems a response to the first 1000 going faster than anticipated. kinda like that new color scheme more tho, wish i had held off a bit on ordering. or that they'd announced 2k to begin with.
  4. honestly unsure why they aren't doing a standalone Appendage + demos pressing... there's more than enough demand to not need to sneak it into a special BSN edition, i'd think hate that im tempted to buy still, Appendage is probably worth it tho
  5. aww fuqq, that's my favorite of their pre-majors LPs...
  6. definintely second the thoughts on Rough Trade. you can get the same experience on RT's website (or Amoeba's tbh, and they do free shipping). one exception is they carry a selection of very obvious indie tapes, so if you're looking for new-in-shrink cassettes, might be worth a peep. Limited To One has a pretty solid selection of used/rare tapes too. Princeton Record Exchange is great, and Princeton the town is super cute, walkable, historic etc (hmu if you do decide to go and want recs). But it's a hike from NYC and really only worth it as a day trip. Imo its best feature is the wall of $2-5 CDs, which is a great way to augment your digital/streaming library if nothing else.
  7. just went back to their website on a hunch and on the Foxes cassette product page there's now (or maybe there always was and i missed it?) a big red notice: SHIPPING IN JANUARY so that's that i suppose, sherlock out
  8. haven't gotten anything, but also no shipping notification. two questions – should i expect a shipping notification first? and did anyone who got theirs also have a tape in their order? wonder if my copy hasn't shipped yet due to tapes not being in yet... figured id ask here before i bug Mike/mwY
  9. lmao it's not about "your opinion" or you personally in the slightest. i don't know you from Brand New's drum tech. but now you're going out of your way (three comments and running) to downplay gross comments / indefensibly ignorant takes in this thread, and @-ing me to boot?? i tried to be diplomatic about it because it really isn't about you, used your catchy line about not tryna "stir up shit" too and i meant but yeah re-reading your original comment i can see how empty that sounds (even omitting the sarcastic shruggy ASCII). also never commented on your views on the Lacey matter either way. just that it's a really cringe look to be bothsides-ing this kind of thing... agree to disagree i guess!
  10. IRL friends are an extreme non-sequitur here though; there are specific ppl in this thread making specific claims. they are people who either 1) are online enough/BN fans enough to know exactly what Lacey was alleged to have done and are still defending/rationalizing it or 2) are perhaps unaware that he was preying on minors but preying on adult women is totally cool (cf choice phrases such as "she wanted attention" and "it sounded like the girls were willing"). in the latter case, it's fair to wonder whether people should in fact go "learn more of the drama" while they're already within a stone's throw of Google instead of walking d*ck-first into a defense of pedophilia. in either case it's weird to me that, if someone with a staff member designation is going to step in, it's to rationalize realllllly suspect comments on child abuse and not to, ya know, condemn them. not tryna stir up shit either, just a little disappointed here...
  11. it wasn't enough to tell strangers on the web (who, as you suspected, really really care) that you bravely still listen to a cancelled artist so you had to throw in an unprompted defense of pedophilia??? gonna be a little less charitable than the others here and say you should ask a loved one this holiday season for forceps to help you get your head out of your ass
  12. it's a Your Favorite Weapon lyric referencing this Antonio Brown tweet
  13. in any case, the whole band (as an entity, not as individuals) is tainted by association. that's why they are no longer a thing. don't mean to suggest the other members knew (though it's not exactly a stretch to think they knew either).
  14. lmao 30 bucks for a single LP from a disgraced band, easiest decision to buy an older press second-hand i've ever seen.
  15. ahh ok it looks so subtle that i almost took it for a catalogue number. but mine is numbered (2146) after all. very nice.
  16. so are the non-obi clear copies numbered (discogs says yes)? if so, where? can't find it on my copy of Sound-Dust...
  17. i keep a huge-ass stack of mailers for moves and managed to fit most of my ~500 LPs in what i had saved up here during my last move (grad school was the culprit here too haha). the remainder were thrown in the best boxes i could find but were a lil precarious. escaped the whole ordeal with a small number of corner dings, perfectly ok with that.
  18. my clear Sound-Dust has been stuck in UPS/USPS limbo for two days, pray for me VC gang
  19. that Terminal album hopefully is in the pipeline, best thing (some of) the Oh Sleeper crew ever did!
  20. always wish i could've gotten into this band, this looks super neat. exciting to see the blistering pace of T&N/SS reissues, hoping to see a few neglected favorites of mine show up.