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  1. $20 for a cassette tape, incredible. haven't seen that before.
  2. oh god the gaps in the gapless playback and especially the excuse they gave for it lol - at least the blue marble variant i have looks pretty?
  3. feels like the way to go would be to do deluxe + standalone single album version LP for sought after, OOP cult classics like FSF or Southern Weather when it comes time for a (re)press. you've already got the plates and it's easy to order a few hundred extra jackets for a standard edition while you're making a boxset. though i'm sure it requires some tradeoffs (i.e. i'd be willing to bet having a standard edition available depresses deluxe sales in a way that UOV doesn't feel good about), why not attempt to do collector-minded editions (higher quality components, expensive deluxe editions) and fan-friendly ones at the same time?
  4. how does an artist this devastatingly mid (and apparently sex pest-y?) have a thread with nearly 2k posts sheesh
  5. /500 variant up on TTL now https://www.turntablelab.com/products/polyphia-new-levels-new-devils-colored-vinyl-vinyl-lp-turntable-lab-exclusive
  6. definitely wary about giving TE money unless the band indicates they're on board and getting paid from these... (fwiw awakebutstillinbed is plugging their reissue so hopefully it's all cool, would think the label would wanna get out ahead of speculation given how things went down a few years back...)
  7. what variant? my gold copy plays more or less perfectly
  8. this is a neat sound, glad to see some bands are rediscovering the Jeniferever style of slowcore / post-rock. the programmed drum kit is always a dealbreaker for me but maybe it won't be all over the album, gonna stay tuned.
  9. both Benton Falls LPs are dropping on Wednesday. unfortunately with reimagined art, which imo has been pretty rough throughout the Deep Elm series. half the nostalgia of these old records, as a physical object at least, is the OG art for me... https://www.instagram.com/p/CnwaOwEtRZY/
  10. Second most famous Gonzaga alum after Adam Morrison, I'm sure there's some value there to be had
  11. mine was the same way, showed up randomly with no update to tracking. so i'd expect it anytime, probably.
  12. got my LIYW today, sounds immaculate. jacket has a little surprise, a pop-up mountain range adapted from the CD art that opens as you open the gatefold. it's a bit too thick for the inside of the gatefold though which has me concerned about warp to jacket and/or disc over time, might have to get clever about how i store this one...
  13. mood! a small xmas gift at least but if the threshold isn't negotiated upwards that will be a terrible letdown haha.
  14. i have been badgering UO for this for years hopefully that means they've been listening and we'll see Secret & Whisper LPs soon
  15. Emery about to totally sell out, exactly 100 of the life preserver left (other variant seems to be gone)
  16. right but neither that bright red nor the motif of the inner tube is found in the original art is more my point. minor gripe of course, killing time till these go live
  17. yeah, like, in particular, what is up with the random red on that variant?? great album though, will be grabbing a copy.
  18. i had that same protection plan offered to me when buying those $1 hot wheels cars at target last week, incredible new grift for these big box stores
  19. yeah im sure it'll happen at some point, definitely not dropping $50 on this lol
  20. this one's been OOP for longer than all the other albums... NFT bullshit aside, they're leaving serious $$ on the table not dropping 5k copies of this rn
  21. well that instinct was correct, you can now order new color variants of their two LPs, and associated demos are also newly available as limited cassettes https://thevanpelt.bandcamp.com/merch
  22. interesting to see this one repressed, feel like it wasn't one of their more well-received albums. hopefully the buyer response is good though and we can see Going Public get a pressing too!

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