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  1. Been a long time lurker since 2007 . I was looking through my collection that was in storage and that brought me back here. Did anyone get their money back from Virgil?
  2. Anyone order any records with the promo from Hot Topic today? It wasn't working for me. Had to call them twice to fix my order. Somewhat rude customer service today.
  3. Is Germany becoming like Italy? I sold a record a month and a half ago and it still has not arrived and now I have a paypal dispute against me. I read on the ebay message boards that a lot of people are in a similar situation as me and how someone didn't get their package until after 3 months.
  4. Is there anyway someone from outside of Germany contact the customs office?
  5. Anyone playing zombies on black ops ps3? my sn is jrudge.
  6. jlz

    paypal alternatives?

    Has anyone tried zashpay yet? I have not tried zashpay yet but it says the sender only pays 75 cents and it's free to receive the money.
  7. jlz

    paypal alternatives?

    Zashpay/billpay through your bank.
  8. Entourage seasons 1-5 (season 2 box got chewed up by the family dog)I prefer to sell this together. Harry Potter DVDs Sorcerer's Stone WS 2 disc Chamber of Secrets FS 2 disc Prisoner of Azkaban FS The Goblet of Fire WS 2 disc Make some offers.
  9. On the delivery confirmation, did it pass through Bell, Ca? The delivery confirmation on a package that I am expecting has not been updated since it got there and that was 4 days ago. Another package that I mailed is also in Bell, CA and that was two weeks ago. These were all media mail by the way.
  10. Still waiting, on my order from May. Didn't answer my email. My first order also took a while to ship, at least at that time he was quick to reply to my emails.
  11. jlz

    Awesome Traders/Buyers/Sellers

    sloppyfigure8s - great seller
  12. jlz

    ING or HSBC

    I love ING. Never had any issues and it's really easy to transfer money. Right now their interest rate is 1.10%. I remember during black friday they were offering $121 to open a checking account.
  13. jlz


    Willing to sell? pm'd
  14. jlz


    I have 5 seasons of entourage.
  15. My store didn't have this. They said that they were going to stop getting new records.
  16. jlz

    selling to greece?

    I just sold an expensive record to someone in Greece but I shipped it express with insurance and tracking. Ask if they're willing to pay extra for registered mail or express.
  17. getting rid of extra copies. all records are unplayed. Set Your Goals - Mutiny - brown $12ppd Crime In Stereo - Selective Wreckage - black/gold/white $12ppd Four Year Strong - Rise or Die Trying - 180g purple SEALED The Gaslight Anthem - Sink or Swim - Red offer The Gaslight Anthem - Sink or Swim - white offer The Gaslight Anthem - Senor and the Queen 7" black 1st press $12ppd The Gaslight Anthem - '59 sound - blue SEALED $33ppd Thanks for looking.
  18. jlz

    FS set your goals CIS FYS TGA

    added some stuff offers
  19. jlz

    Awesome Traders/Buyers/Sellers

    gsinth7 is a great buyer. Payment was sent quickly.