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  1. Same here! There’s always Bull Moose on Monday but their site never works for me right when the drops go live
  2. Thanks for the heads up! Unfortunately I didn't see this in time. But to anyone looking for anything else, they said they could ship via phone order when I called.
  3. Still looking for HAIM, didn’t expect that to be as hard to get as it is
  4. Has anyone seen a shop put up that HAIM 7” online yet? I’m stuck working this morning and I think that’ll be the hardest thing to get ahold of on my list
  5. So has it been confirmed anywhere that the translucent green is an entirely different pressing? Is there any way to tell without opening it?
  6. Thank you so much for that! I’ll have to see if I can get it to work * Just saw the post about them being available on their store. That works too, thanks!
  7. Man, I’m torn on all these Levitation releases. I’d love to purchase just the records alone but I can’t bring myself to pay extra for a stream I know I’ll never watch.
  8. That's good to know. I assumed they still hadn't shipped. Thank you
  9. Anyone who ordered the “sandy gold” variant get theirs yet? I still haven’t received a shipping notification
  10. I never got an order complete page from FD, just errors, but PayPal did go through so fingers crossed I got one.
  11. Is anyone having any luck on their phone? The checkout page won’t load for me
  12. I was in right at ten and got an error after clicking “Pay Now” on the PayPal redirect. I wonder if it sold out
  13. This might be a bit of a longshot but I've been looking for a copy of the deluxe pressing of the Frozen soundtrack. I'd rather not pay Discogs prices and I noticed City Club by Growlers has shot up in price over the last few years. I'd be happy to trade my first pressing of that album for a copy of the Frozen Soundtrack. I know it's rather specific but I figured it's worth a shot. Frozen Soundtrack: https://www.discogs.com/Kristen-Anderson-Lopez-Robert-Lopez-Christophe-Beck-Frozen/release/5631373 City Club 1st Pressing: https://www.discogs.com/The-Growlers-Ci
  14. Is that light blue going to be pretty widely available? I asked Bull Moose today if they were getting it and they said they only had the information to put up the deluxe pink/white for sale
  15. I just happened to check Instagram at the right time. He posted about it on there
  16. New live album up on his site. I believe the white /200 is still up, I just grabbed one https://ty-segall.com/collections/all
  17. Damn, I wish that labels/artists would be more transparent about how limited something actually is beforehand, but I guess there’s less money in doing that. I’m happy to support Barsuk but man I hope they honor cancellations from the band’s site
  18. Has anyone actually had their order from the Death Cab store cancelled yet?
  19. I did the same, did they already cancel your order or are you still waiting to hear back?
  20. I’m with you, I’m waiting to see if Side B pops up by itself. I liked MTBMB but not enough to double dip on it
  21. I believe it was $35 plus shipping. I think it ended up costing me $42 total
  22. Mine have “shipped” but have been sitting in the distribution center for about a week again. I gave up on expecting the Christmas Tree Farm 12” by Christmas too
  23. All I’m missing is that Red pressing of Red and those old split 7”s. $200 seems like a steal now
  24. It seems like you have to send 2-3 emails before you get something that isn’t copy-pasted. Has anyone ever contacted them over damaged sleeves and have anything come out of it out of curiosity? I don’t mind seam splits or corner dings but a few variants came a little busted up.

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