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  1. Just looking to complete my variant collection, only piece i need is the "Clear w/ Green Splash) https://www.discogs.com/From-Indian-Lakes-Absent-Sounds/release/10223840
  2. Fuck. So are we thinking this is the actual soundtrack to FO3 and not the score? If so...this will be my first record purchase in quite some time. These songs/game mean so damn much to me.
  3. I know im late to this but....anyone have any leads on the red/green variants?
  4. Just need In the Wake of Determination, Sing the Sorrow (Repress), and Francis the Mute (Repress) then life will be complete.
  5. Gotcha. I'll be sure to take a break at work as soon as this goes up tomorrow to get it. One of my favorite games/soundtracks of all time.
  6. This is so fucking huge. Is this limited? I may cry if I don't get it.
  7. Trying my best to win this From Indian Lakes but I dunno if I can justify going over $80 right now. I even have a complete variant collection of every album. Just need the tests of all 3 :(.
  8. Did mega bundle buyers receive a DL for the demo tapes? I bought it but haven't received it yet? Or was it in the email?