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  1. haha I get voted down for knowing a bit more information and trying to get more for y'all? Really?
  2. Eh. I have a pretty close connection with the band and he told me it was written, but not recorded yet...meaning it isn't even mastered and probably won't be released until the middle of next year. I'll try to get some more information though!
  3. Much better than all the organic chemistry I'm doing... Edit; staring at not knowing how to do
  4. No it's about the same length 1hr-1hr 15min. You're supposed to have a snack and water beforehand. Maybe that's Bikram. My roommate that does hot yoga more said she always takes water in. Apparently they put cool lavender towels on your face at the end. It's good to sweat out all the toxins in your body. I don't know how much I enjoy it yet, but it's certainly interesting haha
  5. haha yeah it's pretty much yoga in a sauna. I just tried it last night with my roommate. It was one of the hardest workouts. I always thought Pilates was harder than yoga, and I've done Pilates for almost a year now...so terribly wrong.
  6. Thanks! Paleo isn't vegetarian or vegan at all though. It's more modified Atkins than anything. I mean then, respectfully, maybe you should actually research the diet. then you would know it has nothing to do with uncooked anything haha. Eating raw foods is pretty silly, agreed, but that's not Paleo.
  7. It's not really a treat. It's cutting out processed foods, refined sugar, and complex carbs. All thing that are pretty bad in general haha.
  8. It's actually cheaper to buy slivered almonds at like Earth Fare by the pound and then food processing them into Almond Butter. It's pretty easy. I only eat Paleo.
  9. Don't go there. Edit: specially because people will ACTUALLY go so far as to private message you mean shit as well.